Can we get Xbox Play Anywhere with Borderlands 3?

Dear Gearbox and 2K,
Can we get Xbox Play Anywhere with Borderlands 3? I already bought the Super Deluxe edition of the game on the Xbox platform. It would be great to also play it on my PC from time to time without having to purchase the whole game and season pass all over again.

Thank you for your consideration.


I wish to see this as well. I would enjoy playing with my PC friends through the microsoft store as I have a copy for xbox with the season pass. Times are tough and this would put a good spotlight on Gearbox.

Great idea…

GB would be lauded to the heavens…

I second this! PLEASEEEE Give this to us!!! For me, I’ve got the game purchased on xbox…but girlfriend and I share our large TV that the xbox is on! So more times than not, I play other xbox play anywhere titles on my laptop next to her or in my home office… and I want to play this game so badly!..but don’t have the space for a second TV to hook up dedicated for my xbox!

EDIT: Meant to specify, BORDERLANDS 3 is the game I’d like to see as an xbox play anywhere title

gearbox basically saw this and said “haha no f**k you give us more money”
seeing as none of the series is “play anywhere” at all