Can we have a boss rush proving ground please

I have posted this in 2 different threads but I feel like GBX needs to add a proving ground just for bosses. Let’s face it on console it almost feels like reloading the game takes about as much time as killing whatever boss you are currently farming and even when you do kill them all you get is a bunch of world drops and crappy anoints. This is what I think a place almost like where you got the OP levels in bl2( cant remember the name right now) but it would be 10 to 15 of the games bosses where only there dedicated loot would be available. Could also put the event and dlc bosses there as well and if you could do the whole thing without dying you would be guaranteed a loot splosion of class mods and anointed weapons specific to whatever character you beat it with. Having the bosses change each run would always ensure you would never be doing the same run twice witch i think would be preferable to the current farm of load oneshot savequit that we have now. Honestly i would be willing to pay for somthing like this just for a guaranteed dedicated drop from some of the bosses even if I had to do it 10 times before it spawned the boss I wanted it would be alot more fun to play with friends too. Just my opinion but would definatly love to get some feedback from the community.