Can we have a look at the Ben hit box?

I’ve been maxing characters and the most recent was Ben.
From my perspective he takes way more damage on each map I’ve been testing than:
Thorn, Deande, Alani and Mike.

My guess is it may be his hit box is much larger.


…he’s a larger character…

Turns out montana takes more damage too…

His wings count.

…That was my thought, he really takes way more damage.

His hit box is large, but I still usually take close to the least amount of damage when I use him. But I spend most of my time hanging back in the sky raining down missles.

…I got good at that but on the Sentinal maps he had the hard walk, it too me 88 minutes to complete when the rest of the team left on Advanced mode because I couldn’t dish out enough damage, not like Mikey does anyway.

Oh, no comment on PvE. I honestly don’t think they even bothered trying to balance this game for PvE. Some characers are just better than others in story

…Agree, I test each character vs. the Ronin and the Henchmen to see how they hold-up. :wink:

I’ll repost something i already posted (Don’t remember what topic):

He is fine in PvE too.

Weell, yeah is only problem is solo PvP in algorithm, and the sentinel, and a few other solos. Mainly because enemies sometimes resist aoes and explosives. and also because if he’s the sole target, he dies a lot quicker

Hah, can’t believe toby got more kills than you, but that is a perfect example of a master of benedict’s average game (though often with the most kills, toby’s pretty good at securing kills though). He really isgreat in PvE as long as it’s not solo

Hah. Ok, sure.
Less damage taken, and highest damage over Rath, Montana and Toby, 3 of the highest damage dealer in the game for PvE, but “average”.
That’s really funny.

He’s not the best for solo PvE because he’s not meant to fight close up but he does well with a group. Definitely the ice golems and guardians he has trouble with because they don’t recognize his splash damage and you really have to hit their chests precisely.

Agree, he is a good backup for Mike when he goes deep.

Some enemies also got Explosions resistances, such as Geoff.

Really? Never knew that. Lame

You do really low damage against him. Not sure how much resistance he got though, i should test it one day.

I always felt like I did a ton of damage to him. Especially since he’s a bigger target so every rocket hits lol. I guess I never paid attention to the actual damage amount. Seems weird that they would have that. I understand stuns not working but explosions are what Benedict is all about lol.

Again, average for a MASTER of benedict (which you are, given the skin) a master of benedict knows how well to use benedict and how to not take damage much. I’m sure that wasn’t a fluke game and that that is probably your average game in pve with bennedict, knowing I fall about there when i play him as well.

I apologize if my words were not clear enough, I was both complimenting you and the character at the same time, saying that someone who can play benedict well can average this. ( I saw the same results in renegade two man and heliophage two man and algorithm 4-5 man (it was a long time ago, after mastery i mainly play a character mostly in pvp or to help someone in pve))

The number of people who are master of benedict for more than achievement points are rather low, seeing that only 33 people havee mastered benedict on xbox, and 5 did it for game completetion that have actually finished getting all of the achievements. That means that most likely less than 80 people have even mastered benedict for the sake of playing him and getting his mastery to show that they play him, rather than trying t o 100% the game (given every platform has roughly the same numbers)

You’re of less than 80 people who average this, if that helps clear it up. EDIT: forgot the achievements are for lore challenges done, not masteriees, your of an even smaller crowd.

Actually, the whole team was doing well. (Orendi left early game, so she doesn’t count) Everyone between 150k and 200k damage.
So, no, that’s not average, that’s the best you can do in the same situation. Rarely had the whole team keeping up in terms of damage.