Can we have a Mayhem 11? The way mayhem 4 worked before in 1.0? No mayhem 11 tier weapons or gear

None of these super annoying modifiers.
No mayhem 11 tier just mayhem 10 weapons but way harder?

This way theres no mayhem 11 exclusive gear. Ppl. dont feel they dont have the best
Gear is in m10… So its only m11 as a challenge. A immmersive hard borderlands 3 experience.

I dont care if theres extra beefy enemies extra spawns…
Id kill for that actually.

I really significantly truely freaking hate mayhem 2.0

I loved 1.0 at 4.

I really hope they do something. Stop scaling up the weapons for us we’re already into the stratosphere of damage.

For many of us youve killed off what we liked about the game which is a challenge at m4 and you added immersion killing modifiers.

Many of us need this sorta system.

For many of us this gives the game replay value. I dont feel it has any the way it is atm.