Can we have a sound trigger when the match is found

Like you know… in every moba there is one, the game makes a loud noise whenever all teamates & opponent are found.
I know here we don’t have to accept but at least this way we’ll have less afk.

Some days ago I tried playing the game again (and quickly stopped -.-) and managed to arrive 8 min late in the match (and still won) just because I alt tab-ed during the matchmaking. Why did I do that ? Because matchmaking takes 15 min sometimes and I was boooored.

Pretty sure it’s not something big to ask, but a noise and eventually a tiny pop-up on the bottom right of the screen would be appreciated.

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This is actually a good suggestion. @JoeKGBX could you take note of this and pass it along to the developers? Also, I’d like a sound when challenges pop up in game so I know to look and see what the challenge is because I often miss them during the action when I am distracted by everything going on. Perhaps set it as an option that can be turned on or off as I know some people won’t like it. Perhaps the same for the above suggestion as well. Anyway, good idea trichouette.

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Would be especially useful if it made a sound or made the tab flash when a game is found even while minimized. Guild Wars 2 has this type of system for their PvP matchmaking so people don’t end up afk half the match because they forgot to check on their queue.

There’s an option in settings to mute/unmute sound on alt-tab.