Can we have a third-person mode in Borderlans 3?

My wife has a very serious 3D Game Motion Sickness when it’s under First-person mode. Yesterday she tried the Borderlands 2 and after the first 10 minutes, she feels so sick and needs to take a break. I know actually, there is a third-person mode for Borderlands 2 by a hike. I really don’t want to play in that way. I know there might not be many people who have this issue but still, there are people suffering this issue and cannot enjoy the fun of the game. So is that possible to have some third-person mode in Borderlands 3?


+1 This would be very epic :smile:


I never liked 1st person, but in Borderlands they did a nice job with movements, reload animations, and weapon depictions that I don’t complain too much.

But since they put effort to have skin costumization, it seems like a wasted feature for the most part. So, if they had 3rd person views like they have when entering/exiting vehicles - like when you turn in a quest in the story missions - at least you would see more of your character. Or while they are in the main town where there is no combat… that would be a good place for 3rd person.

I played both sequels of Borderlands with a third person mod, because I normally don’t play shooter because of the motion sickness combined with strong teeth grinding. Please add this option at least for single player. I think there are a bunch of players out there that skip BL because there is no 3rd person option. I really believe you’ll sell more copies if you add this option. C’mon, is there any reason why not?


I sometimes get terrible motion sickness from certain games, so bad that it wipes me out and I have to lie down for a couple of hours.

Borderlands did it but borderlands 2 didnt. I don’t know what was different about the games but I hope 3 is gonna be OK for me.

If they plan on selling skin packs then it would make sense to have a 3rd person mode so you can enjoy your purchases.

My guess is that most skin packs are going to be for weapons. Players are also seemingly going to be able to see their characters (and even character actions) while in menu. I agree that a 3rd person mode would be cool even if I personally would never use it. Second to worse case scenario, I imagine it’ll take a couple months for people to make a 3rd person mod for PC.

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In my experience, the camera in BL1 (or at least the remaster) is hella jittery when sprinting, and that’s probably a solid possible cause there.

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