Can we have more awesome elemental themed weapon skins?

ik, this could even be considered offtopic as they game is so heavily broken right now, nobody should talk about skins

but just to change the topic to something more…peaceful^^

we have that cool shock weapon skin and i tend to use elemental themed skins for my weapons
but we dont have a cool fire, corrosive, radiation or cryo skin
i usually just use orange, green, white xD

but stuff like that as a selectable weapon skin would be dooooooope


There is a great fire skin in Jackpot dlc, but only on one gun.

Completely agree. More weapon skins would be amazing. I thought for sure we were getting a candy cane one at Christmas, but it didn’t happen.

Elemental skins are a must. I’d like some manufacturer-themes, too (I want a classic green and yellow checkered Torgue skin, dang it). And definitely the Gettleburger.

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This is a great idea. I love to skin my guns to the elements. I use the ghost one from Bloody Harvest for Corrosive. :+1: