Can we have more BL2 DLC on new consoles?

So I get there is TPS floating around but BL2 is still the most popular series in the franchise by far. Why not continue making DLC for BL2 alongside of TPS? They are running on the same engine, use the same UI etc.

Not to criticize TPS since that is truly beating a dead horse but BL2 is still the most active game on steam for the franchise with something like 4x the players at any given point. Creatively I also think there is alot more that can be done with BL2. I realise there are some restrictions due to last the but since Handsome Edition will port BL2 to more powerful engines…perhaps we can get another DLC now for PC and new gen consoles. Also, perhaps it doesn’t even have to be either or now. Maybe new DLC could be run from either TPS or BL2?

Because Borderlands 2 hit the cap of memory for Consoles.

After Handsome Jack Edition, it should have more resources for new gen consoles. Maybe thats why they are porting to new gen?

Somehow I don’t think you’ll see any new content on the XB1/PS4 either. Next thing will likely be BL3, unless the BL MMO proves popular enough to market in Europe and North America.

GBX is likely to be focused on BL3 now I believe. And I think we won’t see BLOL over here honestly.

It is called “Handsome Edition”

and no.

Bl2 has so much dlc. How much more do you want? Just enjoy what’s there. And the upcoming content for the pre sequel. They are done with dlc for bl2. And probably focusing on ideas for the new bl game in the future.

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All DLCs put together are on par, in length, with the vanilla game. I’m looking forward to BL3. If they can make half the step bl2 was compared to bl1, it’s gonna pretty awesome. And there’s room for improvement in 2, no need to stick to it.

I’d be happy just to see a few more Borderlands 2 patches. We get the march 24 update for console cross saves. I’d like to see them fix a couple siren class issues and any other remaining bugs.

Won’t happen dude.