Can we have real challenges please?

Dailies and weeklies are way too easy for players playing mayhem 11 with decent builds.
Weeklies only take long because the counter is bugged.
Today’s weekly took me little more than an hour on M11 solo and I am over 58. Certainly younger ones and coop parties can do it even quicker.

Perhaps add bonus challenges like killing 20 Rakks in under 5 minutes or something so that beginners still have something doable.

But right now, that challenges are not enough to keep me in game especially once all VC gear has been unlocked 3 times.

What kind of challenge are you looking for?

“Kill 20 rakk in 5 minutes” is not a challenge, just tedium. :sweat_smile:


Would you like challenges like “Kill enemies with headshots while sliding” or “Kill x amount of enemies with one Heavy Gunner pack explosion” and so on?

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for dailies I really just wanted challenges like “go to Hot Karl’s camp and wipe out all of the CoV” so I get a good reason to revisit cool areas and enemies that otherwise offer no good reward to me. I think there are some like this that point you to certain bosses which is cool.

Weeklies… Idk what I’d even want for those. All of the ones I’ve had were pretty boring though


Do guardian takedown, platforms now rotate and flip

I can already hear the crying.

You’ve just described the current state of this game. Pretty boring. Look no further as to why player base has plummeted.

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Looking for end game content is the challenge.

All games struggle with retention over time. BL3 is still handily beating BL2 on Steam alone (5k current vs. 3k current ingame, which is a rolling stat to boot), which doesn’t even factor in EGS (being the launch platform).

If you want to make claims, you’ve got to show your evidence. The evidence doesn’t stack up, for at least any other definition of “plummet” than “the game has less players now than X weeks / months ago”. Which is natural.

Notably, the idea of “real” challenges are more likely to put people off. The draw of Vault Cards is that the challenges are achievable. Would I like more variety? Sure. But not to the level of M11 difficulty, because they’re not designed for that.


I am talking about dailies. I can do takedowns anytime anyway… without problems.

yes and that was just an example. I am not the developer. I am just asking for better dailies. GB have to come up with an idea, not me :wink:
I mean killing 20 rakks without a timer is nothing at all, not even a tedium…

The challenges are too easy… and the rewards are minimal. The fact that you get MORE vault card XP for playing with mayhem turned off means that maximizing your VCXP requires running around and one shoting everything in sight for 10 minutes a day. Not really engaging game play.
Guardian rank XP is double on M11 vs no mayhem, but vault card XP is lower on M11… why gearbox!? Why?