Can we just appreciate that this is a thing?

“Reduced initial range of Shock Taser by 30%”

You tweaked(will) the damn shock taser didn’t ya? Wow. Bravo. Champagne. Cheers. High-five. Slooooow clap!

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Initial range. The actual range of the taser was increased. The sustain is more important than the initial lock-on, so it’s actually a buff


The buff is fine but that initial was still pretty key cause there’s no sustain without initial lock on. You’re right but its something and even if you’re right, I say this all in means to appreciate that something was done about the tasers. This is a statement of gratefulness. Not a form of debate, that’s all :slight_smile:

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Played Kleese a few times yesterday. I think the taser is even more deadly now. If you lock in on someone, they can run and they will still die (talking about those squishy characters). 30% less initial range is nothing, you go in - lock in - and start floating backwards - ez kill.

Overall it’s a big buff from my point of view.

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Or not I guess we can debate now lmao lemme just rephrase the title im sure thats what it is

That Handsome Jack line :heart:

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with how strong it is, its definitely a buff, but can potentially be more of a gamble having to get in even closer. Still of course, with the way the game is and how most scenarios go, people will still die but surely coordinated teams with cc can really take advantage. Its like driving around in an icecream truck asking kleese if he wants candy and if he comes close to take the candy(to tase obviously) it might start for some change in the play style looking at it in a deeper perspective. Kleese could take more shots from a ranged character so really having to get in close could potentially really change it up and depending on how far the actual sustain range is. Its already pretty long so lets just say REALLY long lmao but we’ll just have to see

Thing about Kleese is that he never needs to come after the candy. He lives in the deadly candy factory, and everyone has to come to him. :confused:

Something just went wrong with the design of the old scientist, I feel. He’s territorial, totally, but how do you punish that in a game filled with choke points and defense locations? His shield strip mortars give him ranged power on par with anyone, yet his taser and rifts give him some of the highest close range lethality in the game.

The only weakness that regularly is brought up is his big body and central crit spot. But Toby, El Dragon, and Attikus are just three examples of big bulky BB that don’t gain unimaginable power to compensate (well, maybe Double Hug…)


Indeed, the double hug seems to be in the rising and I feel as though toby will be shot down next. his shield however is already getting rekt lmao rip toby’s shield

It’s weird with Toby’s shield. It’s actually always had the “nerfed” health value in-game, but the game text said it was higher. What they’re saying the shield will have post-patch is actually how much health it has right now.

It can be a little hard to follow what’s going on at HQ here, for sure.

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Definitely a little thrown off with the shield situation but even aside from these character fixes, I’m quite excited with all these new changes and these medieval styled skins. I’ve been off the game more than I’ve been on but definitely coming back to it regardless of how good/bad some of these character changes will be! Because nonetheless, I appreciate even the small things, like this taser touch. Could be worse than before but key idea that they actually touched on it rather than still leaving it, even though it isn’t the hottest of topics and as deep in the meta as it was, is what is accounted for when I say I appreciate it.

Buff Ambra’s ult damage to shields by 1000%. Or something really slow that forces people out

yeah seems how he’s tanky enough to waddle up into range, survive, and then chase melka to the ends of the earth.

Though this makes his perch defense potentially more dangerous.

I fought against a Kleese the other day who would just run up to 3 of us and tase one until he or his target died. He often got a kill, despite getting blasto-ed by Ernest, Caldarius, and Miko the entire time he was diving.

Not to mention he would tase from around corners and over ledges, as well.

Imo, it’s his insane health pool that creates the no risk, high reward playstyle Kleese offers.

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I’ve seen Kleeses taser (And El Dragons Clap too, actually) go through the little wall in overgrowths sniper perch a few times

the rifts also go through walls, you can put them against the walls and they’ll hit anyone coming towards you.

im miss the old kleese where only his sniper was op and he was a good healer, lol. i dont play him anymore, hes a different character :frowning:


On par? I think you mean vastly exceeding anyone instead of on par. If you build Kleese right you can easily exceed 1200 damage with those mortars, and that’s not even considering bouncing balls of death at level 7. They have (I believe, it’s been a while since I played him) a 10 second cooldown as well. Not to mention bonus damage to shields makes him the fastest in the game at melting sentry shields (suck it ISIC.

If they “shoot him down”, i truly hope that they limit their fire to his Double Hug; the ONE OPd thing Toby has, and which requires you to sacrifice an otherwise useful gear slot.

If they go TOO far, I can picture myself joining @EdenSophia at the metaphorical dive bar she goes to, whenever she needs to drink away her depression over Mellka’s lack of attention from the devs. The two of us just… Sitting there drinking, while sad country songs play from the slightly busted jukebox…


I would join you guys but I don’t drink. I would join you guys for the company and just have water but I hate country music with a passion.