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-I use lick the wounds which is pretty good

  • fade away
  • transfusions grenade (chupa organ in particular which does not have the limitation of transfusion grenades in this game) in combination of stop gap. I sure wish transfusion grenades did not have all these idiotic restrictions and were like in BL2

Tbh most of us use no regen except a few into some healing skills. Just a stop gap works on fade and rakks and red fang is all you really need on gamma.

Rakks you have to play safe and position a good distance, fade you go invis and behind enemies, gamma you make sure the pet is closer than you are to the enemy. Fl4k does so much dps with skills that don’t even work right so you just kill everything before it kills you.

I run gamma with the gun damage boost and rad aura perks so whenever my ant goes down the dot will give it second wind after gamma ends when i kill something. Friend bot is the most overrated com for this reason


What’s this?

They only work on health damage or shields, unless you get a grenade that explicitly does both.


That’s most health bars? Like armor would be the only issue?

in addition you can only recover shield if you hit shield and life when you hit life, you don’t want to recover shield most of the time since your main objective is to get above 50% health to be protected from being one shotted


I’m surprised Rakk Attack scales in Mayhem…or does it?

Rakk Attack does not, but the build underlying it is so strong and has so much gun and crit damage that it doesn’t matter that the Rakks themselves do essentially nothing (unless you build around them specifically, and even then it is just a tickle on Lvl 57 M10).

I was going to suggest using a double generator legendary Tran-fusion grenade, but reading about the weird restrictions people have mentioned, it doesn’t seem like it would always work. However, after picking up a legendary with the anoint, I was wondering if ASE 15% Lifesteal would be good on FL4K?

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It’s really good with Rakk, not so much for FA or Gamma imo.

@rayzapper_the_red Agreed with @boombumr. Life steal is a great anoint to get on a bunch of weapons for Rakk-focused Fl4k, particularly a sustained DPS weapon like the Recursion, Brainstormer, Cutsman, Monarch, Reflux, etc.

What is wrong with transfusion grenades in BL3? I use one as part of my standard loadaout and it seems to work just fine.

The main thing people don’t like is that they only restore shields for shield damage dealt, and restore health for health damage dealt. I do wish it wasnt quite as gimmicky.

Fl4k with an Otto Idol has a good amount of health regen anyway (though I do wish the OI was not as necessary as it is) - the shield regen is really all I feel I need anyway. The fact that transfusions now heal shields is just fantastic. Get a shock Power Siphon (double generator) version and it heals shields for 120% I think? That is really nice and has a lot of utility for Fl4k, as they have no shield skills other than the GR perk.

Why not Fade Away? It’s not terribly difficult to get Fade Away chains using Head Count (especially in situations with a lot of beefier enemies), which means the anoint will be active most of the time, though it does require a bit of micromanaging.

That’s good, except when you run into a situation where you’re facing a bunch of shieldless enemies (or situations where you’ve already stripped their shields, such as when using a Brainstormer). I think they could change it so that any damage restores your health, and if you have generator or double generator, it also restores your shields… even if that would mean potentially having to nerf the percentages to prevent it from being OP.

Also, that’s a good point. On paper, FL4K does have a fair amount of health regen skills to work with, but pretty much nothing for shields, which I think contributes a lot to the “glass cannon” feel of many builds.

On paper, Rage and Recover seems to have some potential. However, face value results are MUCH lower than the skill displays. Pretty poor performance for a skill that far down the tree.

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Life steal anointments tend to be better on sustained DPS weapons, like for example the Cutsman, Brainstormer, Reflux, Recursion, Monarch, etc. FA (even GITM) is all about burst damage, as opposed to sustained damage, which is the type of weapon you want to have with life steal. In addition, you already get some pretty strong health regen as a result of using FA. Hopefully I have explained this well enough.

EDIT - And it is true that some enemies in the game don’t have shields (COV maps in particular), but a lot of them do. Most - although certainly not all - of the Tran-fusions in the game that I have seen have rolls for both shield AND health regen.

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Yeah, the “% of missing health” really kills the effectiveness. For something with such a short duration, it really shouldn’t have that caveat.

Even besides that, it doesn’t actually heal for the amount that it states.

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Oh, really? Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s not working as intended/as expected, but what’s wrong with it in particular?

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