Can we just chat?

Claptrap office drones: funny AF.
Discord: handy tool, but the signal to noise ratio is too high for me to lean on it for conversations.
FL4K: No cartel enemies in my last run, so I’m hitting The Pyre of Stars to get on with that quest. I’m going to MM1 with low-level weapons (T.K.'s Shockwave, Wedding Invitation, Mutant, and Queen’s Call). I mostly want to see if the Wedding Invitation is truly useless being stuck at level 53, and want to take the Shockwave for a proper spin). Also, I see the Brood Mother’s lair is still fogged, so we’ll pay her a visit.

I’ll be calibrating the Wedding Invitation’s abilities while enhanced with Fade Away, an amp shield, a DE4DEYE COM, Guardian Ranks, a Piss grenade, and so on until I find at what level it works comfortably for me by using it at comfortable levels, then slowly backing out external buffs. Four levels is a pretty big nerf, but it’s also pretty strong (and FL4K can throw a lot of weight into it). I think it’ll fit right in at at least MM2? Stay tuned!

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The Wedding Invitation, mmmmmmmmmmm, so good. GBX, please give us a drop source for the WI in the GLT DLC!

My WI worked just fine in M4 at both Lvl 53 and 57. Such a good weapon.

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Also, @boombumr I made some efforts to spice up discussion a little more here today, maybe we can get some action on the Fl4k forums going again!


Yeah, it still hits harder than I thought for something so underleveled. I rolled Cryptosec Frontrunners at the mansion, so I swapped to an Ice Queen to get cryo kills on the pups. Damage from Fade Away is pretty strong.

you can still redeem a lv 57 m0 wedding invitation if you did not redeem it before(were save farming :rofl: ), in the event menu just toggle to the Valentine event. While cartel event is active you can redeem former events reward

Oh boy, you asked for it!

Since I suck at actually playing these games, I’ll only talk about these two elements.


Welcome to Fashionlands, these are my latest outfits!

"A*s-kicking outfit: (I hope someone gets the reference)

This is what I usually wear, I love that skin and head combination.

Wedding suit (for Sir Hammy Hammy's ceremony):


A bit generic, but I still appreciate it.

Gehenna desperado (Bounty of Blood outfit):

A bit too flashy, but I like the touch of green. Also I know that the Takedown will come out first, and I’ll look like an idiot floating through space with a cowboy costume, but whatever.

Also, this is my usual room decoration setup:

It’s basically a trophy room with boss memorabilia (Killavolt’s shield is also an option).

And this is my room for Bounty of Blood:

Finally this is my usual trinket arrangement:

standard trinkets

The Rakk Hive is because Fl4k are lovers of animals, the Eye of Katagawa is another boss trophy, and both Mordecai’s skull and Zer0’s…zero are tokens of appreciation to other snipers, as well as my previous mains. I didn’t use Beast Bowl or Lil’ Chomper because those can already be on the character model.

And this is the one going into DLC 3:

bounty of blood trinkets

The Jakobs logo is a no-brainer, the Anshin one is because of some Eastern imagery and Anshin itself might even be involved, the gold plate seemed fitting and Butt Stallion’s tail…is because she’s a horse? Dunno…

Also, what did you name your pets? At the moment, mine are:

  • skag: Carlo (it’s a running joke with my friends to call characters in that way)
  • jabber: Gary (so I can scream Alani’s best quote whenever I use the attack command)
  • spiderant: Helena (in honor of Pierce)


Basically all we know about Fl4k comes from their personal ECHO-log:

What we can deduce is that, at some point, they somehow left the Grand Archivist and started travelling the galaxy, having been to at least Pandora before Borderlands 3. In their travels, Fl4k rescued and helped various injured animals (his three pets and an unclear number of rakks). Here are some interesting facts:

  • When their lives are in danger, they sometimes talk about some sort of guilt for an unknown event, and that they can’t go back to “them” until that is fixed, probably by doing Death’s bidding. The Grand Archivist refers to Fl4k as an indexing unit, but they repeat multiple times that they’re “the only ones of their kind in the universe”. Is it possible that many robots identical to Fl4k used to work inside this “Grand Archive”, but then they (inadvertedly or purposely) were destroyed by Fl4k?

  • Fl4k not only looks like immortality-suit Loader-bot, but also like Tiffany (if you don’t know her, check out this thread):

  • This old reddit post I saw talks about the interpretation of Fl4k’s BL2 ECHO-log and the possibility that they used to have some sandworm pets. What do you think?

  • The BL2 ECHO-log makes it seem like Fl4k were on Pandora around the time of the Fight for Sanctuary; yet, after killing Shiv, they’re surprised about how savage Pandora’s humans are.

  • Naked (and not modified) Fl4k:


I love the wedding suit for Hammy’s wedding. Did anyone ever see that Reddit post with all the VH’s on Vogue? Lemme see if I can find it, I think you’ll like it…

EDIT: Found it


Yeeees, that’s an awesome project!

On the artist’s Artstation portfolio there are actually a lot of gala concepts for the playable characters, the Calypsos, past vault hunters, NPCs, weapons and more:

Personally, my headcanon is that those are the outfits they wore when they got back to the Handsome Jackpot (now Moxxi’s Big Score) after Moxxi’s renovations.

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I think my favorite part about that picture is the monocle on Fl4k. LOL


I wish I knew how to share my Fl4k cosmetic :unamused:

What system are you on?


Oh I don’t know then, sorry…

It’s appreciated, thank you.


It’s so easy to do, you get in the groove typing and then look back and say wow that’s never gonna work lol

Lets be honest here, zane has the best voice line for story. Fl4k has way better general voice lines hands down

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I would rock that suit until the end of time lol


I think I agree, at least for the vanilla game. I wish NPCs had equally interesting things to say to him.

Maybe FL4K didn’t encounter many bandits on their first trip? And (correct me if I’m wrong) the bandits around the Burrows area are most notable for worshipping/getting eaten by the sandworms and I could see them being a lot less violent than the CoV bandits.

Sometimes I wonder if “indexing” was really FL4K’s intended purpose–like, librarian’s assistance may have been their job, but not necessarily what they were designed for? Their design is much sleeker and human-like compared to most bot types seen in the series so far, and even loaders are more obviously designed for, well, loading than for murderin’. It seems like when bots are repurposed it’s not common or easy to alter their design to facilitate their new focus.

Plus, all of FL4K’s action skills share a common theme of…interdimensional portals? That’s a very weird ability to have for sorting information and making tea.

Maybe FL4K’s original purpose was something a lot darker.


Well, I think you’re right: the area must’ve been pretty pacific (for Pandoran standards) while the Helios Hellions were around, before Hector. Plus, even though Fl4k possess a lot of Pandoran animals, we don’t know how they acquired them (perhaps after they were smuggled off-world), so the amount of time they spent on Pandora before the BL3 events might’ve been really small.

That’s also true: we have no idea about the origin of Fl4k’s cloaking ability or Gamma Rift. Plus, if I wanted a librarian, perhaps a humanoid shape wouldn’t be the most suited for my bot. As you said, the main consequence of this, at the moment, is the realization that we don’t really know the link between the assembly of Fl4k and their job as an indexing unit.

Also, we have no idea about how much time ago that ECHO was recorded: for all we know, it could be more than centuries old, and we only have a modicum of info about Fl4k’s whereabouts between them leaving the “Grand Archive” and joining the Crimson Raiders.