Can we just chat?

I had it with the nukem a lot too, but only to my pet; cant remember if it happened with the yellowcake at all

Though it is happening a lot more frequently with the backburner, so maybe something else was often going on with some nukem shots before

Not sure about the Nukem, but the Backburner definitely kills teammates lmao

Thanks, i will make note of that when I play co-op tomorrow!

please nerf the ■■■■ out of that jabber! He just ■■■■■■ up a puppy skag with his SMG!

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Thank you all who helped my Fl4k out…got all the way to 57 and playing M6…pet survives real good, and I’m liking the Fade Away/ASE setup…

I can’t decide on a COM tho…Bounty Hunter, St4ckbot, and Stalker feel the same to me…

What would you all recommend for a run-and-gun multipellet build for max damage?

My skill tree btw…open to suggestions and still testing…
(Low-key trying to keep the Fl4k convo going)

Max damage makes me think Fade Away, but ‘run and gun’ makes me think Rakk Attack. I mean, it’s not like neither of them (nor Gamma Burst) are terrible for this. Maybe use Guerillas In The Mist and get nutty for eight seconds if Fade Away is your thing.

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Bounty Hunter is great for bossing as it can activate your hunt/kill skills by mere shooting instead of killing. It is very nice for mobbing as well.
Stalker is thee mobbing COM as it increases hunt/kill skills duration and power by a lot.
Stackbot is rather finnicky and requires a specific setup (bangstick sticky stacking etc) to shine. Honestly, it’s fun but too much effort to not really surpass Bounty hunter or Stalker.

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All 3 work. FL4K’s COMs perform very closely to each other so it doesn’t matter too much which specific one you take most of the time.

As for your build, it’s pretty good. I’d personally be a bit concerned about running FA without any access to Unblinking Eye, but I personally would rather have Frenzy than TPI most of the time. As long as you aren’t raiding or doing boss runs exclusively the loss of damage from UE shouldn’t matter too much.

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Game show host voice /

Welcome to end-game Fl4k COMs, the game where if you can guess which COM you’re using, you win the grand prize!!!

/ Game show host voice

Seriously, your choice of COM does not matter all that much. Bounty Hunter or Stackbot for bossing, Cosmic Stalker for mobbing. But they are mostly interchangeable. I usually focus on the passives more than the skills boosted by the COM itself.


Almost identical to mine, I traded 1 point in TTaR for a point in WRW for extra pet survivability. Keeping your pet alive in the GTD is pretty key to success for Not My Circus taunt to stay up.

Edit: I also have 5/5 in Two F4ng as I run Fl4uncher build. So I don’t have the points in Grim Harvest and only 2 in Hunter’s Eye.


@WxndaBread I just noticed your skill tree. Especially if you intend to run the Bounty Hunter, would suggest considering moving the points from Grim Harvest to Second Intention. The reload speed really helps and can proc due to the BH’s red text effect. But your build is just fine as is. Just really a nitpick and personal preference thing.


Ok…Bounty Hunter is more consistent so that’s what I roll with…

One last question…what anointment do you all use? Been using ASE 100, but wouldn’t 200 DAS (during action skill) be better, while getting 50 ASE from nade/shield?

I usually go for Consecutive Hits with Fade Away, but 200 DAS works just fine with your setup.

ASE 100% is not bad on FA builds either, but I always feel like it’s uhh…a runner-up when it comes to gear hunting. It is workable with all FL4K’s Action Skills, but there’s usually something else that works better if you can find it.

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Depends on what gun you are running with. I would say the best general anointment for Fade Away right now would be the elemental 2 mags (matching elements of course) - it gives a huge bonus to DPS, and with Leave no Trace it isn’t difficult to maintain the bonus into Fade Away. 100% ASE is decent all round, but I don’t think it is ever a best option.

The Stagecoach works very well with 200% ASA because you want to maximize damage during Fade Away (though the newly improved elemental 2 mags should be at least as good, and better for cooldown provided you don’t miss shots).

Torgue Stickies will have the best DPS output with 200% splash damage or 300V2 (depending on circumstance). Rocket Launchers like the Scourge/Plaguebearer/Backburner will have the highest DPS output with 200% splash, but for mobbing the elemental 2 mags is abit more reliable and the DPS differential isn’t huge.

Reflux/Brainstormer work best with elemental 2 mags as well - more bonus elements = higher chain spawn rate = faster cooldown - which is the whole point of the reflux build. Consec Hits works decently as well, but elemental 2 mags will be the superior option in terms of both DPS and cooldown provided you are using the Pearl.


I completely forgot that the next 2 mag annoint got buffed!

And on that note, has anyone tried the buffed SMGs? I haven’t, but apparently the Ripper’s special effect gives 350% increased weapon damage for 5 seconds after melee, and the Vanquisher gives 320% damage in addition to increased fire rate while sliding. If I can find decent versions of these guns I might give them a try.

Ripper is weird…unless you’re using Fish Slap + Radius, it’s awkward to melee every single enemy before shooting them…

If I’m in Fade Away, it’s a free debuff… should do the trick for shotgun work if extra damage is needed? Stab, swap, boom, repeat.

The damage on the Bitch is insane now too. 2500 - 2700 damage with 85%-ish crit (depending on parts). Pretty good weapon now.