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If Gearbox ever reworks Dominance I hope they just add a basic damage multiplier to it that has 11 levels of bonuses, depending on your Mayhem Level. Mayhem 0: +50% multiplicative damage for the pet (active all the time). Mayhem 10: +550% multiplicative damage bonus (again, always on). That way, with then 2 multiplicative damage bonuses for the pet (afaik The Power Inside is multiplicative as well) the pets damage and damage bonuses would massively profit off each other and be more potent the higher the Mayhem Level goes.

Sure, this would make Dominance an even worse Clusterfuck to code, but who cares? It would fix the skill, would fix the pets for pet-centric builds and all Fl4k players in the world would absolutely love it.

Power Inside is additive for pets. Still, it would give a use to the Friendbot if they ever get around to fixing it…

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Do you think pets will get any love this Thursday? I’m not sure what they will be able to work into a hotfix though.

I don’t expect we’ll get any big hotfixes this month, but the next patch could bring balance, veterans rewards machine, anointment adjustments and spreading out of the loot pool, all things they haven’t mentioned but haven’t implemented yet.

Thata about what I’m expecting as well, a guy can dream no?

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Is the Gunslinger invulnerable or something? Been using it for a bit now and as far as I can tell nothing is ever touching it.

It jukes like nobody’s business. It’s smoother than a smooth criminal. Nothing that shoots bullets can touch Gunslinger.


Right. I had a point in WRW and He bites and just took them off. Chain gang in a bunch of 10 Varkids or an angry goliath trying to repeatedly punch him did nothing to him either.
I’d want to go for the horned skag both for the bonuses and because skags are cuter than jabbers but when the space monkey is nigh invulnerable while still doing solid stream of damage is kinda hard to argue against it.

The point in He Bites is helpful if you’re running Frenzy. Otherwise, very nice.

It would be if the monkey ever got hit :smiley:

Seriously though, I currently only have one point in it. Since I took the points off of WRW and he bites I liberated a few more from Frenzy to play around with Hidden machine and TPI. If I spec back into Frenzy any heavier I’ll toss a point into He bites for that.

He Bites also stacks CH and the Pearl.

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Pardon me for the silly question but what is CH?

Consecutive hits anointment.

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This makes twice in a couple days my abbreviation of annointments has caused confusion. Perhaps my shorthand has gotten out of control lol

I guess this is as good a place as any to place these Fl4k specific questions.

So, He Bites stacks Frenzy and Hive Mind directs some damage Fl4k receives to their pet instead. Does damage received from Hive Mind activate He Bites?

If this were the case it would reflect He Bites damage back to FL4K no? I can’t say that this is the case as I don’t have Hive Mind or Shared Spirit on my build ATM. But if so this could be very problematic.

I would assume that this sort of interaction would have been detected by now and made public on here though.

Well, I was more thinking that the game would be smart enough to recognize the original source of the damage if that interaction even existed :smiley: I guess it doesn’t then. Would’ve been a cool interaction between 3 skills though.

With the rumors about a 4th skill true, I wonder why none of Fl4k’s skill have anything to do with Fl4k being a robot. It is odd it has zero representation in Fl4k’s skill trees.

As a bot, why didn’t GB give Fl4k and armored health bar, and all of the advantages/disadvantages that come with that. It would require review, but it can help the lack of survivability that Fl4k has.

What do other people think? The only bot in the VH cast is just as vulnerable as any of the other VHs from fire weapons. Seems like it would make more sense.

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I have wondered this as well, why does our favorite head-shotting bot have a flesh health bar?

Edit: this would make FL4K more susceptible to cryo and corrosive, but would offer resistance against all other elements(including kinetic).

We don’t know if Zer0 is a robot or not, but Claptrap definitely is (from TPS). Still, they retconned this a little with him complaining about the makeup of his armor when he’d catch on fire. However, he didn’t sweat oxygen for breathing in vacuum in the game like the other human characters. I think that was his only robot-specific concession.

Man, the Pre Sequel was awesome in so many ways.