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So I was using a supercharger til I got a random Bounty Hunter mod from Chonk-boi…haven’t even seen Thrillbot yet

Another question…what pet did you all use when leveling? And which one procs Frenzy more often?

If you’re speccing into the master tree and getting Frenzy, then all of them should be relatively equal. He Bites equalizes Frenzy stacking among all the pets.

If we’re talking in absolutes though

  1. Gunslinger Jabber smg is the quickest frenzy stacker
  2. Spiderant scorcher with the lava pool can also stack pretty fast. I think DOTs from the pets in general may stack frenzy, so countess may not be bad either.
  3. Skags are better than ants without lava pool, but with lava pool ant wins.

So in any normal build you’d be doing, the answer is basically scorcher. You probably wouldn’t have enough points to get megavore, frenzy, and gunslinger.

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I’m not playing Bl3 right now. :frowning:
But Fl4k is still my favorite. :slight_smile:

This thread is good because Fl4k needs some love. Ever since the cartel and M10 update I’ve lost interest in playing Bl3 and Fl4k is definitly struggling…well mine is. So I’m going to wait till they come out with something that will help Fl4k and the pets to play the game.


I used the Scorcher when I was leveling and I chose it because of the health regen and bonus elemental damage. I ran her for the longest time. When M4 came out, and pretty much since then, I have gone with the gunslinger Jabber. The extra crit is nice but I really like the 5% movement speed (or if you can get down the blue tree or if you are running a Friend-Bot with +5 BY, you can get up to 20% crit and movement speed).

Movement speed is an underrated, indirect boost to DPS because it allows you to avoid more enemy fire, thereby staying in the slot and shooting for longer.

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I agree…just started a new Fl4k…level 34 and I’m having a lot of fun. He’s a great character, but I see why folks say he’s the weakest right now…

This might be the perfect chance to try out some new V. Hunters…go back to the basics you know?

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Ive been running Scorcher for half my playthru, and I’m not feeling him…

  1. He dies a lot
  2. Doesn’t do enough consistent damage to proc Frenzy
  3. In normal mode he can’t kill anything, even with Pet damage buffs

But I do like Jabber…it’s just something about a monkey with a SMG/Rocket Launcher :grimacing:

No pet will kill things if you aren’t specced into the master tree, especially early on.

Also, Scorcher’s survivability advantage doesn’t come into play unless you have at least 1 point in All My BFFs so she inherits her own health regen.

Ginslinger will stack frenzy better than every other pet, but of the melee pets scorcher is pretty good. Aside from that, if you have Frenzy then you should have He Bites anyway and Frenzy stacking shouldn’t be too much of a problem with any pet.


You really need to put at least one point in All My BFFs for pet survival purposes. I see tons of Fl4k builds that use only the Hunter and Stalker trees and don’t spec BFFs, and the players complain that their pet dies all the time and is useless.

The pet cannot distract, do damage to proc Frenzy, or buff your passives if it is not ALIVE! So unless you’re doing a boss mashing build and pet survival literally doesn’t matter, just do yourself a favor and put at least one point in BFFs. Note that my comment is not directed at you specifically, but rather just a comment about pet survival generally and how I see people doing builds.

I put 3 points in BFFs, and my Gunslinger Jabber almost never dies except during the Takedown, and then generally only because he throws his barrel directly into incoming fire and it blows him up - or of course during the Wotan fight where the red ring of death kills him.

The gunslinger Jabber is best at proc’ing Frenzy (IMO) because he can do it from afar, rather than via melee like the skag or spiderant. I like to run a Bounty Hunter that has 2 points in Frenzy, because I don’t spec blue tree at all and I like the damage boost from Frenzy. If you spec Who Rescued Who in the blue tree, the Jabber also can proc Fl4k’s healing from afar with that skill as well. The Jabber is nice for that because, again, he can do it at range as opposed to having to be up close and personal with the enemies.


1 point in Who Rescued Who greatly surpasses 1 point in BFF’s IMO. I recently ventured down the Master tree for 5/5 in Frenzy 1 in He Bites and 1 in Who Rescued Who. Pet survival bloomed in my build and I cant really feel a loss of damage. Wotan is still a suicide mission for pets though.

Edit: I did keep one point in BFF’s as well

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I do agree with that as far as strictly the healz are concerned (that WRW is better than BFFs), but obviously you can’t get the TPI capstone and also get WRW without sacrificing somewhere else in the red tree.

Which is exactly the way a character should be designed - having to make choices between survival and DPS. This is one of the reasons I am against raising the level cap any further (even though I know they will) - it makes the player make meaningful build decisions. When you don’t have to sacrifice DPS to get survival (and vice versa) in your build, then the building isn’t quite as fun. At least for me.


I honestly think 60 is a great place to stop to keep build distinction. This would still offer nice 3 tree investments or heavier 2 tree builds. With 3 more points I don’t think I would add any new skills in favor of just adding points to skill currently not topped off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my skill points. However once you can get investment in everything worthwhile build diversity really goes downhill.

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Idea I been rolling around for a new Fl4k COM.

Name - ?? (can’t come up with a good one)

Text - The stronger the pack, the weaker the prey.

Effect - Fl4k’s pets are more likely to be targeted by enemies. For each enemy targeting Fl4k’s pet, that pet gains Health Regeneration and Damage Reduction. Fl4k gains Damage and Critical Damage for each enemy attacking Fl4k’s pet.

Skills - Furious Attack, Frenzy, and Big Game

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That would be an interesting COM - if they could make it work. Hive Mind and Barbaric Yawp also might be interesting skills to boost on that type of COM. You definitely would want Big Game and Frenzy on that type of COM. The challenge with such a COM, I suspect, would be getting the COM to correctly determine the number of enemies attacking your pet.

You might also consider a COM that worked similar to the Rakk slag anointment - for each enemy damaged by Fl4k’s pet, that enemy takes 100% increased damage for a short duration (or maybe not 100%, but a big percentage). This would encourage use of the attack command, which is basically useless right now, and encourage players to adopt a new playstyle.

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Or even a stacking debuff similar to the Needle Gun?

My main theory was a playing synergy between Fl4k and their pet inside the COM itself. The pet draws the attention, or tanks enemies. While Fl4k can line up the kills!

Edit, also I gave a Hunter skill from each tree so it would all get some nice synergy with the buff from Big Game. I also think this COM could work well with any action skill.

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I love my skill points too, but… you’re probably right. That being said, if they ever do introduce DLC skill trees, they should probably have that DLC increase the level cap too.

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I would love if GB just gave us even half a new skill tree instead of all 3 capstones. We’ve been down this road several times already, and just like in TPS I know they’re going to do it anyway and will still enjoy the game afterwards.

However, whereas every character in TPS felt worthwhile investing equally down all 3 trees or specializing in 2, for FL4K I don’t see myself doing that. We pretty much always spec for megavor, so even if we could spec for all 3, I can’t think of anything I’d really want. I think this is pretty much the perfect spot for FA builds (you can give up TPI o get Frenzy as it stands), they don’t really NEED anything more. Rakk builds are also in a great spot with the points we have. The only build that stands to gain anything is Gamma, which would be insane with both megavor and Lick the Wounds.

At least if we had even just 5 new skills that diverted some points away from the other trees it would feel more exciting.


I think that if we got to a point where every skill in a skill tree were viable in some way, this would be mitigated somewhat. Build diversity would also be less of an issue if every skill tree had 16 skills in it (again, assuming every skill was viable in some way), though this might be way too much work for the developers and I kind of like how there’s some variety in the look of each skill tree. Both these points are true for BL2 and TPS as well. Right now though, in BL3, if you go down a tree to the capstone, and don’t invest any more points than necessary to get to the capstone, you usually only miss about 3-5 skills in that tree, which isn’t a huge amount of room for leeway. This isn’t helped by the addition of 3 point skills (basically, by making there be fewer points overall in the tree), which, while a neat idea, are frustrating for a number of reasons. Might just be a personal preference, but I think they should’ve stuck with the 5-5-1-5-5-1 style of unlocking skills from TPS.

I have. I played Zane but like I said Fl4k is my favorite and yes Fl4k and pets need some buffs. I’m thinking about playing again but I’m so stuck on playing Animal crossing right now lol. XD


Honestly I’d just be happy if my pet didn’t die to my rockets every time i fire them; pet friendly fire should probably not be a thing imo

That’s just an issue with the Backburner. It deals friendly damage to all allies. It’s super effective for getting people out of menus!