Can we just get a solo PVP list already?

With the recent changes there seems to be a major stigma playing with your 4 friends in BB as soon as the other guys are a group of 2 or 3. I’m sorry but I do get that there is a certain advantage to haveing 2+ people before jumping in. But it’s really getting out of hand with the complaints. It’s insulting that I get hate mail when I’m playing with 2 friends and we happen to win. It’s starting to damage the game play experience for everyone.

Just make a casual list you can only join solo to play PVP with other solo players and that’s it. And a 5v5 only list. I know this is not a long term plan due to player base size and I’m not going to throw around claims I know how MM works. Just really irritated that I’m playing a game for fun with a friend or two and I’m the one who gets demonized.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. What you’re describing here is exactly what I fear when reading some of the “anti-premades” posts… It’s like people are claiming they want to play casual ( ie, not care too much about what happens, bad or good ) but are actually complaining heavily when they actually loose and try to find excuses.

Casual and Competitive are badly chosen words, alas.

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I kind of agree but I have one fear with adding another mode:
I’ll be generous and say there’s 1000 players (using PC only for the example here) on average playing at any given time. Right now there are:
Players who are on playing private/by themself or just idle doing nothing. (yes, there are people who just keep the game open.)
Players playing story normal.
Players playing story advanced.
Players playing competitive PvP
Players playing casual PvP.

Only Gearbox knows the exact numbers but JUST FOR THIS EXAMPLE (looking at you… yeah you know who you are ready to jump in and attack the numbers Mr Show my your Proof Mc Proofypants; I’m watching you) I’ll use the following adding in the additional game mode:
[ 5%] Players who are on playing private/by themself or idle.
[25%] Players playing story normal.
[25%] Players playing story advanced.
[15%] Players playing competitive PvP
[15%] Players playing casual PvP.
[15%] Players playing solo only casual PvP.

that would make:
[ 50] Players who are on playing private/by themself or idle.
[250] Players playing story normal.
[250] Players playing story advanced.
[150] Players playing competitive PvP
[150] Players playing casual PvP.
[150] Players playing solo only casual PvP.

The queues already suck on slow days/nights; adding in any new modes cuts those numbers down even more. On nights where there under 700 people playing those numbers get worse and also explains why you run into a lot of the same people.

Lol this pretty much exactly what I wanted to post too but could not find the words.

I just feel the Salem witch trials comeing, ya know?

A solo queue would be fine to add once the player numbers are up. At the moment it’s not feasible. Unfortunate that it is.

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just add a solo q and fill the gaps with bot

gbox needs to work on different levels of bot skills

Yea it sucks that when you buy a multiplayer game to play with friends and then proceed to play with said friends you get hatemail for being “Try Hards.” Unfortunately in this team based game, apparently you are supposed to have 5 people of no relation and no communication to play other wise you will be hated by everyone because no one has friends IRL anymore and you can only be “Try Hards” if you are in a group. Also if you happen to be in a group your entire team can only comprise of the agreed worse characters by the people who don’t want you to be in a party, so everyone on your team can only be Toby or Whiskey Foxtrot just to make it fair…

This is the conclusion I have come to after reading all of these types of posts.

ive been asking for this for weeks and every1 just tells me itll be a bad idea cuz it will split the player base more.

but i kinda disagree, if anything it will just make it so premde groups find games vs other premades faster

But I like to play Toby…I get the point though.

I will say that the bots are not the sharpest.
Standing in front of a small shard on the ground.
Shooting walls. Some even bum rush the turret pads. (But I do that too just not as suicidal. So this is not that bad.)
Running like hell at low HP (Also something we all do so this is good too.)
Healers nearby but not healing when I’m below 20% is a tad annoying. (Has happend in regular PVP so…realistic?)
When unique Hero’s is turned on I still see like 3 copys on the other team. (This should be off on bot matches but I get why not in PVP.)

I just wish people didn’t have the need to tell others how to play, honestly no what Gearbox does with the matchmaking everyone is going to experience bad, good, and outright wierd matches. This has nothing to do with gearbox, humans will behave like humans. You will be playing with players who know how to play, you will also probably play with a couple people who have never played a video game before. You will play with people who get distracted with real world problems, you will play with people who get distracted by the artwork of the video game. You will play with people who aren’t there, and people who only want to help their team the best they can. I find it really ignorant of people to say that you can’t play with friends, I only really play video games to spend time with friends and to make new friends. I’m pretty sure most people who have played video games, got into video games to spend time with people. So why do we need to punish people who are in parties or exclude them to their own area of the game? Why do teams have to play against other teams? What if say 5 people around the age of 70 bought this game so they could all try video games for the very first time? Are we expecting them to only go against other teams at which point they will almost never win and/or get discouraged to the point they quit before they learn anything about the game.

Just remember the people who you are playing against are PEOPLE and not another bot.


whats that post gotta do with 5 people in the same clan or group versus 5 people who are less experienced and not in a group?

All I’m saying is everyone that bought the game has just as much right to play it the way they want to play the game as long as it is within the rules, and people need to stop trying to dictate how others should enjoy the game they purchased. Why does a team of friends have to only play competitive if not everyone in the party is of the same skill lvl or want to try their hardest? Some people want to get on team up with friends and just mess around. Not all teams are trying as hard as they can to win. Some groups like to challenge themselves like everyone playing with all healing characters or playing with a whole team of one faction. These guys shouldn’t be forced to play in a competitive group just because they want to mess around with friends. Shoot someone in the party may have a really high MMR and not want to risk losing it just because his teammates want to mess around but they all want to play together, forcing them into the competitive matchmaking queue could cause people who are looking to play a close game to not have fun now because the other team is messing around. I don’t see a valid reason for teams to be seperated into only matchmaking with teams. The only reasons I have seen are, “Because it is really hard to win.” sorry but winning isn’t going to be easy all the time, and for there to be a winner in this game it means there is also going to be a loser.

it’s kind of annoying when premade groups join up to casual. Casual should be for solo que players only. When you have a premade group of 5, join competitive. It’s stupid when you have 5 men who have great communications working with each other joining casual to eat up on noobs…

I like casual because I can try out new characters, help out newer players, and other stuff… meanwhile you have premade groups of 5 using it to farm kills so they can brag about their Leet K/D ratio…

Maybe you just want to have fun with your bro’s that’s cool… but too many premades are using it as a noob fest feeding ground…

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yeah no1 ever said premades dont have the right to play

we are simply asking for an option to not get matched up against those premades.

why do we ask for this? because getting stomped and losing 100-0 and 100-0 kills is never fun for the losing team.

or… maybe it is fun to some people? maybe people do like getting stomped every game? well then… those people that do like getting stomped can just Q in the normal Q… and guiys like me who want fair games can q for solo lobbu only. PROBLEM SOLVED! EVERY1 WINS!

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I never said any of my idea was a mandatory choice. Just 2 extra list where you are guaranteed to never get in with anyone but solo tosses together. (By there choice.) Or a straight up guaranteed 5v5 premade list. (Also an OPTION.)

I’m not proposing a hard and fast segregation of player base. Nothing in my post really made it sound like OMG WTH?!!1!!

Also as for “risking a rank” that’s a life choice. Halo had ranked and public matches. Public there was no rank just tenure. Ranked was…well. Ranked. There is little exuse to not acknowledge other games with successful MM mechanicus. Regardless of player base size.

I have lost like that against pugs as well. Is it somehow different if we lose like that against a premade? It’s still a loss.

I do actually enjoy the game, even when I lose. Forces me to potentially change up my playstyle.

With regards to a solo queue… it could definitely work at a different time. Now is not that time, unfortunately.

What happens if you solo queue and the other team puts on their headsets? Are they now supposed to go into the Team v Team mode then? Because they would also now have the gret communication that 5 man teams have. From my knowledge every new gen console shipped with a mic, so everyone should have access to one.

Why can’t a team of 5 want to try out new characters with their friends and not be stomped as well?

I’m not one of the 5 man teams that go into casual mode BTW, I only queue competitive solo or with a team and really haven’t seen a difference with my win percentage when going against a team as playing pugs and playing as a team fighting pugs. But again I play competitive queue only now because I got tired of having to carry people that were not up to par.

I’m not saying ignore other games with successful matchmaking, but the player base really does matter. The player size is probably the whole reason they are testing this matchmaking. They see the number of players on their side for every console, I’m sure if it was plausible to seperate the matchmaking queues they would. But because they have an assumed low player count if they split the queues anymore gearbox would almost certainly either lose all of the customers who want to play as a team or all the players who want to play solo because one queue is going to take longer than the other and if queues are too long players stop playing the game. So yes splitting the queues at this point in the games playerbase would almost certainly exclude teams from playing IMO. Unless you can solve the low player count and create great matchmaking queues one is going to suffer. Right now the player base is too low to have a large number of game queues, that is reality. We now have two queues instead of three and people are still complaining about matchmaking times on all systems.

if you’re in a premade group of 5, you should do competitive, if you want to try new characters go solo casual. Premade groups going into casual exclusively do so for a reason. They are the same across as platforms I’d suspect.

pick the 5 more op characters to fill the roll…

Miko, Montana, Oscar Mike, Thorn, and Gault…

They then proceed to farm kills, taunt after every kill and generally think it makes them special or good to trounce up on 4 sub level 10’s and 1 level 100. It’s generally not fun to get trounced on repeatedly which is all these higher levels are doing to any new players the game manages to draw in.

How much fun is a person going to have when they die 15 times each game because a premade group of 100’s decide they want to go pawn some newbs…

I play these games because meh, maybe if they see a level 100 getting killed but still putting up halfway decent stats and keeping the game alive for slightly longer maybe they’ll stick around.