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Wow, a skin that I’m actually impressed with. Good job, gearbox.

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I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to be the one to make a post about this lol!.. T_T This skin is SO amazing! Her quote for her new taunt is accurate “Any deed. Any $Price$”

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This is the Deande buff I asked for T_T

(Don’t ask me why I felt the need to wake up and do this, but) Also I’d like to thank you for stopping time for the community of Gearbox to take in and appreciate this buff. V_V Not that I’m not truly grateful that this skin exist in general, but wouldn’t it have been cool if they had a dual tone filter on her voice while you played as the “Imposter”. I just thought this was a superb idea given how much more serious this skin is than default Deande. The new taunt works for it well though. :slight_smile:

But this one though.

I just can get over how simple yet amazing this color combo looks.

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How do you get it?

HOW. DO. YOU. GET. THIS. ONE. HOLYGOD this one looks so good

85 OP points if I’m correct.

You would be correct my friend

Ikr! 85 ops points for that. It’s the best one I’ve seen from the op so far because the rest of the skins have a lot of other colors in there as well.

Damn I’m looking good…I dressed in the blue and gold yesterday. Still wearing it…

bloody hell

You clearly haven’t gotten the ISIC one then. It’s incredible

I do. I like it. But imo Deande’s is still better because it’s so clean. But hey, that’s just me. And since Deande is my favourite I might also be incredibly biased.

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this one is also pretty cool.
the blak and red and silver wow for 60 pts

yea most of the first tier skins look pretty good. the second tier skins are kind of hit and miss though. Kelvin, ISIC and Deande all have amazing second tier skins. Mellka and Orendi have sad second skins. Most everyone else falls in between.

ISIC has best, kelvins is underrated skin

I like all the skins they make for Deande they’re amazing. My favorite is the 85 OPS point one. The only thing I hate about her which she has in almost all her skins is her skin color. Why grey? Is she dying? Is she a zombie? And dang she needs better nail polish, like come on girl… get a hold of yourself. But yeah her skin tone though… anybody agree? Why can’t she look alive like her electric skin or her black haired skin? Ugh whatever Deande is amazing and always will be no matter her skin color. (Sorry to the people out there with grey skin, not trying to be racist) :sweat_smile: