Can We Make the Face-Puncher Work on Moze?

I request the collaboration of greater minds than I to discuss the potential of the Face-Puncher on Moze. Playing with a Bloodletter build after getting burned out on Melee Amara, I thought to myself “how nifty would it be if I had a Face-Puncher healing my shields with each shot?”

Does Moze have enough skills and equipment to make the Face-Puncher decent enough to be worth the effort?


I plan on building a melee moze, she will be awesome with face puncher and white elephant with all her splash damage buffs.

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Moze has splash damage synergy (healing, ammo/nade recovery, cooldown reduction), not so much splash damage buff. She has a splash damage buff from Blast Master, and a small incendiary boost from Fire in the Skag Den.

I’ve tried it, it’s not anywhere near Amara since Moze severely lacks melee anointments. Shield healing is also counter-intuitive to brawler ward shield to strengthen Face Puncher, so you end up building for health healing instead, since you want depleted shield. What you end up with is a weak face puncher (you don’t have the +300% melee and other massive melee and weapon buff from annointment and other sources that Amara has) with a meh damage white elephant sticky bombs. You can critswap white elephant stickies to trick unforgiven, but you can do that with a Torgue Quickie for greater effect.

There’s, apparently, an exploit with Moze and brawler ward/bloodletter infinite damage stacking, that I care not to try, so you might end up using that.

Now, I’m not saying it can’t be done, feel free to test it out. Those are just the issues I encountered with it.

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Let’s theorycraft this out:

I have a roid Roughrider (+80% melee damage) with melee damage anointed effect (+100% for a time after skill end).

For relics, you call roll a stone (+80% elemental damage) commander planetoid (+60%). I don’t know what sort of bonus you get from the white elephant stickies.

Relics can also roll a double melee bonus (+50%).

The Facepuncher comes with +60% melee bonus.

You wouldn’t be able to run a 1hp build with the roughrider. But you have access to all of the other gun damage bonuses and kill skills.

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I was thinking about a Blast Master build, utilizing its legendary bonus of up to +100% splash damage the longer you go without reloading. That, paired with anointment that increases splash damage after action skill end, as much “AoE damage”, and splash damage" rolls on your artifacts and class mods, and finally, the Shooting Star shield paired with the Face-Puncher. Each pellet procs a Shooting Star projectile, which is boosted by every splash damage increasing skill and attribute you have.

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Moze doesn’t have her Desperate Measure when not running a 1 HP build, though, and trying to kill something with the Face Puncher even with all the other melee buffing artifacts is still very weak.

I’ve tried it, transferred +300% melee brawler ward, +melee artifact, from my Amara to Moze, Face Puncher don’t do much, so building up Moze’s only other gun buffs from kill skills is hard to maintain.

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I thought Gun Damage had no effect on the Face-Puncher? Or, am I mistaken?

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I thought it was a mix of both, but I really don’t know, tbh, and I’ve only tested with +melee gear on a Redundant FacePuncher + Knife Drain White Elephant on my Moze. I mean, you can kill things, for sure, it just doesn’t feel comparable to an Amara or even Moze’s common builds. I would try to experiment some more, though.

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I also tried a melee build with blastmaster/white elephant. It turned out decent but was underwhelming compared to my Fl4k/Amara melee’s. I was severely disappointed that Iron Bear does not inherit the artifact and so his AOE melee attack is useless in the build. That’s what would have put it over the top, a tanky iron bear that can apply stickies in an AOE but sadly it failed to work.

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A work in progress, suggestions and recommendation is appreciated.

Face Puncher (still looking for terror generating anointment on this one)
Brawler Ward (still looking for terror health/ammo regen)
Cryo Hex (still looking for terror health/ammo regen)
Blast Master Com
Knife Drain White Elephant

for Boss and Slaughter Shaft
Fire Shooting Star
Low level Sellout
Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid


A test run in Athenas



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sadly i am on ps4.

Does the Brawler Ward stacking gimmick still work?

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yes with bloodletter. i consider it a glitch so i don’t use it.

While in Bear, there’s a move that can be done with the melee button that does some area melee ish damage. Idk if it messes with fist cool down or not

Relevance: if it doesn’t mess it up, it might give you some damage between fists when facing a heavy

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Man, the Shooting Star + Face Puncher is busted. IIRC, the Shooting Star projectiles count as splash damage - so perhaps this kill could be even faster if you hadn’t reloaded your Sellout.

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yeah it is possible, i actually kill gw in 3 shots with moze and 1 shot with fl4k. did not upload it since modifiers is 70% elemental damage.

I share that kill on some other forums, and they accused me of bloodletter stacking glitch, lol. if i do that i can one shot everything.

does it work if i switch out to face puncher?

what skill is that?, i am not spec further down the shield tree, i tried the rapid punch and it depletes the fuel faster.

I just need an terror ammo regen for this to be slaughter shaft friendly, since i will run out of ammo to those anointeds.

IIRC the way the Blast Master works is the longer you don’t reload the greater the bonus. Swapping weapons and stuff won’t deactivate the bonus, but as long as you activate the reload animation (not even the actual reload), you will instantly lose the bonus. It takes about 60 (?) or 70 seconds to reach the full 100% bonus. So when you reloaded your Sellout, you lost the bonus. But if you hadn’t, even if you swapped to the Facepuncher, you would maintain the splash bonus.

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good to know, so i can used it mobbing as well, just put one of my equipped weapons to 1 ammo and then switch to face puncher.

that will be awesome.

Not a skill, just always there. Press melee in Bear!

Uh…so, I was trying a really unoptimized Facepuncher attempt. And… Like. I mostly just learned that Whispering Ice is a god tier grenade.

But. Elephant bombs proc Redistribution and the Mind Sweeper!

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