Can we nerf all the bosses?

I love playing Borderlands 3, even though sometimes wave after wave (after wave) of enemies is a bit much, I still enjoy the humor, gear, locations and story.

Except for boss fights.

I am probably a third of the way through the campaign and every time there is a boss fight I am like…well this is gonna take a while. I don’t mind a good challenge, but most of the bosses are bullet sponges that have multiple levels of health and shields that suck the fun out of the game.

I even do some side quests to level up a bit (as much as the game allows me) and I typically am a level over the boss and have spent my points and have good purple gear. But they seem to go on and on (and on) and on.

I think the easier mode could be better. Playing with Mechromancer in the last game was a blast and perfectly balanced. I never felt like I was up against seemingly endless boss fights. I know that additional characters (or girlfriend mode) is not on the B3 plan, but it would be nice to have a few more difficulty settings. Or at least have the option to nerf these endless boss fights. Oh and having endless skulls flying at me in boss fights makes things all the more difficult. Or maybe that’s part of the problem.


Which difficulty are you on? The first one, I almost never died from bosses, which was almost a let down, honestly. Killing every boss my first try felt strange. But if it’s really difficult, maybe there’s an issue with skills or gear? As for the skulls, I agree, they are so damn annoying, especially in boss fights.

Moze build, spent all my points, Bear lasts a while, great shields, starting to regen ammo, etc. I am on the easier mode. I work through most waves/fights without issue. But I feel like the boss fights ramp things up way more than normal. A problem could be the skulls, if the boss fights were tuned for easier mode and then suddenly adding high level skulls flying at you into the mix. Is there a way to turn off the skulls? Just kidding! I know there is not. Anyway…just kind of dread boss fights because the difficulty spike seems high compared to the rest of the level.

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Hm. What kind of build are you running? And weapons? Maybe they’re not synergizing very well?

Build is here:
Bottomless Mags, Double Minigun (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

I am only level 20 so not all the points spent yet. But the I feel the build is pretty powerful in general. Again I can blast through most levels using gun damage and bear power, so it works out well. Guns are a mix and I am swapping to try new ones, but mainly I stick to purple and orange.

Hm, weird, I run almost the exact same build. I know for me I focused almost exclusively on Vladof weapons (I’m a bit of a fan, hence the username).

Maybe look for a Marksman class mod with Redistribution in it. I have one that increases it by 2 I think, and every crit regens 30% of my mag. For bosses with exposed crit spots, this means endless bullets. And, I hope you got Cloud of Lead already because that perk should be in every build, imo.

I think you could thwart the skulls by playing offline. As for the build, I think you might be better off filling out one tree before you start diversifying your points. It might give you a little edge in the larger enemy fights as opposed to the mobbing runs.

Yep…I am only filling out the green tree (bottomless mags) for now. Don’t really have the points yet to spread out.

Some points thrown into Armored Infantry won’t hurt too much, but it would mean a lot of retreating once their shield inevitably breaks. But yes, you’re right, prioritize Bottomless Mags, and find Vladof incendiary guns.

At level 20 I was building into Bottomless Mags. When I got my first Blast Master com I respecced heavy into Demo Woman, and when I got a Big Boom Blaster I went Shield of Retribution to keep that up and took Demo Woman as far as my leftover points allowed. Yes I am spamming Negata grenades now for the most part, but there are very few things that really give her problems now, and usually those things come down to operator error.

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@franklinmcmahon f you are on xbox I would be happy to help you get past any boss. Just send me an invite.

GT: Aggitated Yeti

Good tips. I do have Cloud of Lead. I could get to know the many guns better, I do prefer those that fire fast, although I have some shotguns I like.

I do miss the old school halloween DLC where it was a separate place you visit instead of being part of the whole game.

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I will look for these!

Interesting…I will check into these options. I find the Bottomless Mags tree pretty great, but open to possibilities. Might be fun to respec.

And just try to aim for the crit spot constantly. It’ll stun them too.

Thanks! I am playing on PS4 (franklinmcmahon) for now but if I move to my Xbox One I will give ya a shout!


It sounds odd, but aiming for the neck is a pretty good tactic. It usually still hits their head, but if it veers of course, it normally hits their body. Faster firing weapons will apply elemental chance more often, and with every 4th bullet doing 11.25% incendiary damage, it’ll stack. Get that crit spot, and you’ll never have to stop shooting. Assault rifles are good for this, especially accurate ones, but if you find a high capacity Vladof sniper and a good place to hide, just take your time sniping their heads.

Let me talk to you about release day KillaVolt,… he was nerfed to easy cake sauce now :frowning:

All bosses have mechanics to get around, some with immune phases, some with puzzle mechanics, some with crit spots that make it easy.

The bosses should be somewhat of a challenge when you 1st play. Die, learn and burn them down the next run for revenge.

I would personally argue and wish they were a little harder, but that’s what mayhem 4 will be for and the anointed punks that are everywhere with them. A lot of people here offered great advice, list bosses here and we will help with tactics to try :slight_smile: