Can we not do a level cap raise please?

leveling up and pickign ■■■■ up from the ground is the best borderlands experience


That is 50/50 for me. I do feel for the players who spent months looking for specific gear plus good on Gearbox adding content to a game that’s just over 8 years old, goes to show how great this game lasted. Hopefully BL3 gets the same treatment but only if players can have an option to raise the level cap.

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In Borderlands games, each rarity level is equivalent to 2 levels (white is that level, green is +2, blue is +4, purple is +6), except legendary (which can be way better or worse). So a level 20 blue is really level 24, the same as a level 24 white or a level 22 green.
Playing through the game and finding a white item that’s better than your current blue, just means its probably at least 5 levels higher than your blue, which suggests you aren’t getting enough loot in between. In B3, I didn’t find this. Between vending machines, loyalty rewards, mission rewards and enemy drops, I always had plenty of good loot of at least blue rarity at each level. Maybe I just got luckier, but that was definitely what I found.

As for reaching level 50 and not finding better gear as often, I get what you’re saying. Once you have good gear, you need great gear, which is rare. Then, you need amazing gear, which is even rarer. Getting better gear gets rarer and rarer, whereas leveling up makes it more common, temporarily. If that’s what you enjoy, being able to level up is ideal.


I hope they increase the level cap, as I like leveling up, but I agree that it would be better if there was a way to boost your gear instead of re-farming it.
I also hope they boost the level cap on guardian ranks, and the caps on each guardian skill. +15% and 850 ranks seems low to me, especially as it was supposed to be unlimited. I haven’t reached the max yet, but I don’t want to reach a point where there’s no more progress possible. That was the best thing about Badass Ranks, to me, was that it meant there was always more to do in the game, if you wanted. You never ran out of progress. Knowing that when I hit 850 Guardian Ranks, I’m done, kinda ruins that for me.


You. You said it’s tedious to you. If that’s the case you don’t have to do it.

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At this point you should know not spend months farming specific gear BECAUSE they increase the cap lol.

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Well just because something is tedious is not a good excuse to avoid doing it. The process maybe tedious but I am focusing at my end goal. And just because there’s an end goal that I would enjoy, it doesn’t mean I have no right to express that the process is tedious, and it also doesn’t mean that I can’t ask for improvements in the process (even though I am not expecting I will be heard of but I am hoping I would)


I often find that jakobs weapon often have realy high damage values even on white gear. The overall dps might not be that great because of fire rate, reload time and magazine size but on a sniper i prefer from time to time a rifle that has a high damage value. Thanks for the explanation on the raritys thou. Didn’t know that so far.

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I wanted to reiterate @CDR_Shepard’s point here, especially as it pertained to BL2. I realize we’re not really supposed to bring it up here on these forums, but the fact of the matter was whenever the level cap got raised, modders were literally dropping piles of new gear for everyone. Hardly anyone I knew actually spent time farming anything whenever the level cap got raised, and to be honest, no one really wanted to spend their time doing that. Most of the folks I knew that I played with wanted to get the current gear ASAP so that they could move on to do the DLC (or the next OP level) right away.

I don’t always agree with @kabflash, but I do on this. As he pointed out, we don’t necessarily need level cap increases to feel progression, and frankly, it’s a bit out-dated. As long as we’re getting more skill points and content gets commensurately more difficult with that, most folks will be satisfied. The flip side of that coin are players who don’t want to re-farm all their gear every time the level cap is increased, and frankly, I don’t blame them. Farming sucks in BL3 with the additional layers of RNG they’ve added (i.e. anointments), which is why drop rates have become so contentious. The compromise between these two is to give additional skill points without increasing level cap, OR, allow players to level up their gear through Eridium or something. Either way, everyone’s happy.

And it will be exactly like that in BL3, but only on PC this time.

It’s going to be ridiculously easy to level at this point. At least, for people who are doing mayhem 4 easily. M4 gives only double experience, yet enemies have +1000-2600% more health/shield/armor. No mayhem farming will be an absolute breeze to reach max level in this case, unless they make it a complete slog.

Not looking forward to re-farming gear. Looking forward to more skill points, but not re-gearing.

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As long as the extra skill points aren’t gated behind said difficulty.

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That’s a fair point.

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I’ve only really farmed on a Borderlands game for Eridium. All my BL2 playtime and I’ve never reached max level, felt it took way too long even on UVHM. I learned from the outrage caused by raising the level cap from 80 to 90 and will probably wait till GB will no longer raise the level cap to farm even though I’ve always been happy with what gear I’ve got.

I don’t fancy completing the same task on every future character just to get a skill point like you could on BL1. Plus getting to 60 will be a lot quick than the previous titles especially when you get way more XP for completing main story quests.

As we pointed out it’ll only effect farming but the longer the cap stays the more damage it will cause with the player base when they do raise the cap so I’ll call for GB to raise the cap sooner just to get it out the way.

We could have an option to freeze level progress so players can keep their level and only progress beyond when they think they are ready.


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if u put the exact logic on borderlands 2 , the result will be the same .
replayability does not lies on lvl cap , lilith dlc is the best example .

from 72 to 80 it doesn’t took more than 2hours of grinding , the moment i saw lvl cap increase is like " Aw crap gotta farm everything again after hundred hours of farming " . the result is i get frustrated because i couldn’t make the miracle perfect part item drops again


Well said.

This is also a good point. The sooner the better but I’m still trying to understand if there’s a big advantage with delaying the level cap raise. I still haven’t read any good argument that a level cap raise (specifically the ones that will come after the 4th dlc) provides better value to the players.

More skill points, more reason to play, more fun. Its only you that isn’t seeing this.