Can we not do a level cap raise please?

Definitely incorrect. I can cite at least more than 1 person besides me who doesn’t see this. Definitely you are trying to single me out here.

I am not the only one. I think there’s no point arguing at you at this point because you keep misreading things and accusing me of lies. I’m gonna ignore you from this thread after this post until you learn how to read things and stop misrepresenting my words.

Thanks. I agree to disagree indeed.

I don’t consider it fun when I have to refarm 120+ items just because I got a few more skillpoints to play with. So no, the user is not alone.


Keeps me playing, so I think it’s fun. But I understand farming is a bit of a nuisance in this game, cause there’s a tremendous amount of variables. Much, much more tedious farming than previous borderlands games. But fun nevertheless and I welcome farming my favorite stuff at a higher level though.

This is the best possible scenario. As much as I loved farming in BL2, I got tired enough of it to not farm most of my gear back after the second cap raise. I think if gearbox did one cap raise, most everybody would be content. Maybe not excited to farm stuff again, but at least it wouldn’t mean farming stuff 2-3 more times.

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I kind of agree with @MidnightNova

However, the item level don’t scale!

This is why I said that, if they want to give additional skill points for any reason, there are methods without increasing the level. They can cap the number of points you gain through activities or simply to reward it at the end of the DLC as reward.

Nevertheless, I’m not sure the current game design and mechanics allows this. So, we might be stuck with leveling and brainless farming. I stop this now! I will definitely not doing then. Is too artificial.

Surely, they can do like Destiny did. Once you reach the new level cap, all items level you own will get the new cap level. You 50 lvl will see it 50 while you 70 will see it 70.


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The biggest problem I see with a level cap increase in this game is that it is going to require some sort of significant difficulty spike/mode beyond level 50 if they are going to give us more skill points.

Fl4k, Amara, and Zane already are all equally overpowered in their own, different ways (I cannot speak to Moze b/c I don’t play her, but from watching YT videos it looks like she has OP setups too), and the anointments that were added with the Takedown are ridiculously powerful.

For example, if you added just 4 or 5 more levels (not looking at skill tree right now), Fl4k could grab both The Power Inside AND Megavore, which would make him ridiculously powerful. Right now, with the skill cap at 50, you have to choose. I like the build diversity that limited skill points forces.

I would prefer that they either add additional characters or additional skill trees for the existing characters, as opposed to having a level cap increase. Unless accompanied by a BIIIIIG difficulty spike, like making the 4-player scaling switch apply to the entire game, adding more levels and skill points is counterproductive.

Just my $0.02 and opinions.

EDIT: I feel like an additional difficulty setting, rather than more skill points, might be the way to go.

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We already know they are working on something past Mayhem 4.

We don’t “know” that - but to be fair, that is what has been publicly stated up until now.

Nah, just a veteran of the series who doesn’t want to lose all the good rolled gear anymore. And I don’t need to be lectured on what I should or shouldn’t enjoy.

This time around, I found myself caring less about parts, but more about anointments. Some stuf like an anointed Flakker a generous forumgoer gave to me is not an easy find. Increasing the level cap means I have to hope that the RNG will be kind enough to give this kind of roll again. And I am just giving an example.

I’m not nescecarily against a higher level cap, just the prospect of having to farm again. Things like @Tokesy97 brought up would give a ton of options to make all parties happy. And I kind of hope Gearbox sees this.

I’d be perfectly fine with the gear leveling with you in some capacity, like how you explained here. That way the hours of farming wouldn’t go to waste.


Very true lol, I feel you on this one. I’ve been farming on and off for the last week or two looking for a Shock Kaos with Gamma Burst anointment cause for some reason I love that weapon (legit not even that good of a weapon, but explosions are fun).

@HollyFireRain : I definitely think if there was a way to level up some gear that would be awesome, and a good way to appease everybody. However, I think it should be a relatively steep price. Like 1k eridium to boost a Wep from 50 to 61. Most people who have put the time in to farm like crazy have ridiculous amounts of eridium that aren’t being used for anything anyway.


That happens in every game though, so you should be expecting it.

If you’re on PS4, I could keep an eye out.

Doesn’t mean that GBX can’t give options.


Yes we do.

I’m on PC mainly, thanks though :slight_smile:

Also play on PS4, but only got it on there to play with my brother and he hasn’t been able to play much since release. So you can add me if you want still

Evidence? Other than what was in the October patch notes? (At least I think it was October, maybe November).

It’s good that I am definitely not the only one who doesn’t see this.

A way to level up gear would also a good option along with a level cap raise. If that’s the case, then I have no issues with a level cap. If you really like leveling, then why not level up all the things as well? Start with the guns.

Now if your thing is farming, instead of farming the same guns, why not introduce a new tier of guns. If that happens, then a level cap raise should be fine.

But a level cap raise where you have to refarm the same gear with the same stats, anointments, etc where the end goal is you end up at the same loadout as when you’re level 50 isn’t a convincing scenario.

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When has this ever been the case though?

By the time a new level cap comes out, we’ll have new gear with new anointments, and access to more skills (and maybe even more skill trees in general) to work with a wider array of gear.

IIRC, the level 60 cap in TPS came with the Holodome, which only really granted about 5 new weapons and some class mods TBF. However, level 70 cap with the Claptastic DLC if I’m not mistaken, and that introduced glitch gear, which provided a whole other tier of gear to farm.

If Gearbox added new tiers of items so that you weren’t farming the same things again, but different gear instead, would you find it to be any better?


Yeah glitch gear was the bees knees

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No idea. What I am saying is more of a conditional “if” because I don’t know what GB’s decision would be. I am hoping on things but I am prepared to be disappointed, surprised, or delighted.

As long as these new gear, new tier are better than refarming the current gear set at higher level.

Let’s say I have Woodblocker with godly stats and anoints at level 50. After a level cap, it can now be refarmed to level 80 but you gotta find that godly stat and anoints again. I say no this. But if there’s a new tier, new gear that’s better than Woodblocker at level 80, then it’s a yes for me. Same argument with Kyb’s, Redistributor etc.

That’s all you need. That’s official confirmation.