Can we not do a level cap raise please?

It does. Really nothing else in this game has broke tradition.

There’s a good chance GB will cater both parties and provide options just like the takedown. Scaling down enemies (or scaling up) to your level already exists when you join multiplayer games.


I don’t think they should implement something like the takedown scaling (edit) into a leveling scaling. I wasn’t a fan of that to begin with, though I understand the want for it from some people. Adding something else that gives people the option would make the game too convoluted. That would be 3 different difficulty sliders (4 if you count Normal vs TVHM but I don’t count it cause mayhem already buffs normal up as is, unless I am mistaken).

Also that might not be what you meant, so I apologize if I misunderstood you.

Edit: sentence didn’t make sense. Had to elaborate a bit.

I agree it does makes things more convoluted. At some point to many options would result to choice paralysis and too much fragmentation.

Honestly I don’t know how this kind of switch can be implemented cleanly.

If we have a level cap raise, then all we need is a way to level up gear that we already have. And/or a way to move anointments from one item to another.

But, I’d prefer NO additional levels, YES more skill trees, and YES more skill points.

More levels just seems like a lazy way to add gameplay.

IF they add more levels, then PLEASE make it optional somehow. Like some setting at the New U station.


If people really enjoy leveling up, why not allow guns to be leveled up? That’s more than enough leveling out there to make people occupied (assuming their enjoyment is really just pure leveling)


I do feel like they HAVE to allow gear leveling if they raise the level cap.

I’m trying to picture how gearbox would do it.

Here’s 3 possible ways:
a) pay eridium
b) pay cash
c) earn XP with said item equipped or maybe just in your backpack. So it would literally level up the gun, level by level. Would likely have to be a level 49+ only feature. Wouldn’t let you level up your level 43 legendary. Or maybe you’d have to be at the new max level and then you could start leveling up any item you have. Point is, I think it won’t work well if you’re leveling and your gun is leveling at the same time.

Here’s the issue with leveling in BL3 so far. Once I beat the game with a character, I just want to reach level 50 asap with that character so they can use all the level 50 gear I have ready for them. Fancy class mods and anointments I found for that class, for example.


I am with you on this. But there’s a group of players who don’t find enjoyment with this but instead enjoy the process of just pure leveling. I respect that if that’s what their fun is but that’s not the only way to have fun. I find it illogical but to each his own.


I guess what @Deterent was trying to say is the following:
If there wouldn’t be a level cap increase most of the new content would become irrelevant at the day of release because most current players already have a powerful arsenal and could cheese any encounter and rush through the content in minutes to a few hours. To prevent this the devs either have to make new content ridiculously difficult which would also make it inaccessible for new players. Or they find a way to slowly but surely invalidate this gathered power and make new content more interesting while increasing its life span. And that could be a level cap increase. With each level up your god roll gear becomes less relevant and new drops more meaning- and useful. Bosses would be a challenge again and not just “hold attack button for 3 seconds”, their mechanics and attack patterns would matter.

If there wouldn’t have been a level cap increase with Commander Lilith DLC I’d have simply rushed through it once in a few minutes and uninstalled the game again. I saw this exact same thing happening with some of my friends and the Heist DLC. Most of them played it the first day, on the second day, 50% of them already gave up and on the third day, there weren’t even 10% of them playing the game.


people , just imagine if gearbox announce a level cap in 2 weeks later . would u even bother to start ur game to pursuit the loot?

so a level cap successfully extended play time for another 3 hours ? playing or not is only a choice .

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New content should be inaccessible to new players. They are new, so why do they need to have access to the new content (content that caters to max level players)? They need to play first the main campaign and finish it. Otherwise they should just buy the DLC alone but that won’t work by itself because you have to own the main game. Now if it’s something like Moxxi’s where you can play it after getting to Sanctuary even if you didn’t finish the game, then that’s also ok.

I kinda find it lazy effort to add a level cap raise so that players with godly rolls are slowly invalidated of their power. If the goal is to make players hook with the game and play longer, raising level cap plus farming the same items would eventually end up at the same state as of now. So do we keep raising the level cap and force players to refarm the same gear? Of course you are never forced to refarm the same stuff. Who knows Woodblockers might be good at lvl 80.

Agree to disagree here. 3 months is a long time in the business world. GBX may have changed course. Agree that it is what GBX stated at that time, and that may or may not be true as of right now - more than 90 days later.

My point was that you don’t “know” unless you are an employee at GBX and are working on it.


Yeah, I would. It’s the most fun part of the game for me. The journey is the destination. :slight_smile:

That probably depends on the type of content and the player. In the case of the Lilith DLC, I got roughly 10 hours of additional content. Some of my friends with “modded” gear rushed through in 1-2 hours or less. I assume I’d have had a similar result when I couldn’t level up, plan new builds and have an additional incentive to try out new gear. On the contrary, the Heist DLC I played once for the story, did no farming and also skipped some side-missions. I did enjoy it but I haven’t felt the urge to proceed playing.
I only describe my personal experience and what I see in a lot of loot-centric RPGs and most of them do this kind of procedure. So there must be a good reason to this. I don’t have numbers to back it up and I’m not an analyst but I assume developers aren’t dumb people and know what they’re doing in order to keep a big part of their player base engaged.

With “new players” I meant “players who recently bought the game and finished the campaign (for the first time)”. Those players usually aren’t equipped with the best of the best items right after beating the main story. There is a huge gap in power between those new players and those who farmed for hours, days or weeks. Why do you think new content is catered to max level players? Almost all Borderlands DLCs were easily accessible way before hitting max level.


What loot-centric RPGs do this in this day and age? The Division doesn’t. Destiny doesn’t. Warframe doesn’t. Diablo 3 doesn’t. Seems to me most of the major competitors in this genre have figured out that raising the level cap and invalidating everyone’s gear that they farmed for months, maybe even years, is a pretty terrible practice.

Like others have said, if they want to increase the cap that’s fine, but figure out a way to do it without people having to re-farm their gear to maintain their end game loadouts.

Personally, I’d rather they just bring back SDUs from from BL1.

EDIT: Just to clarify, Destiny does raise the cap, but your items stay max level.


Definitely this… if I can find any way to avoid going through that campaign, watching the unskippable movies and following Typhon Deleon around, I will most certainly do so.

Guys, there’s always a late level cap increase and UVHM… we know it’s coming… just be ready to power up some more… have fun with it.

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I’m ok with this. It’s good to know that most DLCs are like this. I didn’t think new content should be catered to max level players. I was under the impression we’re discussing new content that caters to people who have maxed level/gear because if the context of conversation is people with mediocre gear or new players with low levels, then a level cap raise isn’t even an issue.

I’ve never played The Division and Warframe long enough to have a decent idea what they do. But Warframe never felt like the standard loot-centric game to me as in “loot dropped items constantly to increase your power”.
IIRC correctly in Destiny 2 I had to farm a lot of new items when they increased light level cap for the first time a few weeks after release. I stopped playing before the next cap increase came around. Diablo 3 increased level cap with Reaper of Souls and that invalidated most of your items. Grim Dawn (and its predecessor Titan Quest) does it as well even though it has a slightly different loot approach. WoW does the same thing, as almost all other MMORPGs I know of (except Guild Wars 2).
Path of Exile also counters power creep from equipment/items with every expansion but in a different way: they do temporary leagues for 3 months and you always start in a fresh environment with all characters and items wiped. And that is also the most played game mode of PoE. So most people seem to enjoy that.

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Well, there was in BL2. And then in TPS, because in a lot of ways it was BL2 under the hood. There wasn’t in BL1 though. And in BL2/TPS you could not level your characters to 50 entirely in NVHM; neither could you reset your game in TVHM.

So BL3 does several things differently from previous titles - it downplays TVHM but swaps in Mayhem modes. Which has me wondering whether Mayhem 2.0 will be the alternative to a third play-through.


Think again. True mode is now optional, Normal mode scales all the way to 50 (albeit through Mayhem). They already mentioned that no additional rarities will be added. And this is jsut naming a few things.

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