Can we patch backdooring?

I mean seriously thorns with double jump just snipe the spider and marquis just snipe the spider from base…

If people are in the position where they’re forced to back door, then stay back and fight them. I don’t find back dooring to be exploitable tactic when stopping it simply requires you to just fight them.

Once they fix sniping from your own base, I don’t see this as being a needed fix. So many characters can backdoor, it’s a valid strategy. It’s much easier to take care of backdoor-ers than base snipers.
But that’s just my two cents

This may be a stupid question, but ive seen people posting about this before. What is backdooring? they are basically destroying the sentrys with out leaving their base? is that what it is? sorry if this is a dumb question

Its where a player runs past everyone else, practically sneaking to the enemy sentry, then proceeding to try and kill it before anyone notices.


thank you! sorry i havent done pvp since beta so i didn’t know what this was.

What OP is mentioning here has nothing to do about backdooring (if i understand him well)
I think he’s talking about people hiting the sentry from their base in incursion mode, and yes, THIS need patching.

didnt you make a thread like this already and it was pointed out many heros can do this and it was seen to be not as big of an issue

That’s not really a back door. A back door move would be say an Oscar mike stealth’s passed everyone to solo the sentry and take it while everyone is busy.