Can we petition to buff the shredifier :’(

Shredifier has been my favorite weapon ever since Borderlands 2 came out with spin guns, i thought it was the coolest thing, i love the playstyle of having bottomless magazines and raining lead like an absolute boss, but the shredifier is so useless on Moze, like, i can gear my moze to have the best shot at doing the absolute most damage she can with a shredifier, i barely tickle M4 enemies, meanwhile, same shredifier, not even optimized build for it on my zane, i easily crank out 5x more damage than on my moze, just because Zane move fast? Like, what? (Maybe give the shredifier a passive that makes ir ramp up damage the longer it goes without reloading? So maybe it doesn’t absolutely make it the most broken gun on every ither character, but gives it a buff for specifically moze. Although, the gun does underperform in general, so maybe it does need an all around buff idk. Also since we’re on the topic of moze, she sincerely needs either a buff to her damage resistance, or her sustainability, every time i play her i’d rather not have to break my R1 button spamming grenades to stay alive.

It’s only usable on Moze. No other character can make the ammo consumption worthwhile.

thats not happening , bl3 logic is like something got to be flat out better than other

Shrediffier is my favorite weapon in BL3 . It has a permanent quick select slot on my Moze. Hell you can see all the threads I have on here talking about that gun .

I only use it on my moze because with other characters you run out of ammo obscenely quickly. I find that accuracy as close to 60% as possible on item card helps a lot with those crits which with a rapid fire weapon like Shreddifier really pile up. All the C-c-combo guardian perk likely helps a lot to amp up damage with it. I also have short Fuse on moze so the secondary explosions proc more with that gun than any other gun I use .

That being said, it’s my favorite weapon so I would not mind a buff regardless :wink:

It could do for atleast a. 15-25% damage buff honestly. I’ve been using it on my amara since I got a 53 of it the other day and it is decently strong but still a tad weak to warrant keeping it once I get my ideal weapon set up. And this is with a 50% fire ASE annoint as well so that doesn’t help it’s case. It is indeed an old favorite of mine as well but unless it gets some buff even a small one I cant see it taking a permanent on my arsenal…

I think it could be interesting if they made the bullets penetrate and able to hit multiple enemies in a line.

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