Can we pick our stage and not just Heliophage?

I’ve been in several matches that people have quit because they didn’t get the stage they wanted and being able to pick the stage you’re looking for would solve this and even if it wasn’t causing people to quit, it’d just be a nice thing to have so you get to play what stage you want in a public group. Playing solo I feel like I’m on an endless quest of solitude (or playing Skyrim :grin:)

GBX say its better this way

there re some threads about this already. anyway i think the gbx response has been that they set it up this way because they did not want to split the community. each map would require it’s own que which essentially leads to 16 ques (normal and advanced). some may be more popular than others. they did say one solution could be a weekly event type of que where one map is randomly chose per week. and those who want to play that map can join with others, the map would rotate regularly. they also say they would add more ques if the community was large enough to handle it.

personally i think either way has problems (as you mentioned many are quitting matches until they get the map they want). however, it is sometimes easier to play in smaller groups than a full 5 man squad (enemy scaling?).

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My bad, where did they say this plz?

Easier isn’t the point of playing public for me. I just want to play with a halfway decent full party to play with a full party, between the troll players and the petty players it’s unnecessarily hard to get that. As for multiple queues it’d be no different than other games that let you pick the level you want to search for, they could always do the room system. (Somebody starts a party that is open to the public and you sit in a lobby until the number of players is reached) If Gearbox said they did it to not split the community it’s already failed woefully since people quit before the match anyway effectively behaving the same way as if Gearbox included the feature themselves, but in the process it affects those just looking to play a public match with 5 people id est the community is already split and you get an annoying little side-effect too as a result of the decision.

ive had more enjoyable games with 3 people so far. the scaling seems to be an issue with 5 where there are just way too many enemies in some parts and people are dropping like flies. but its like we need 5 to start because 2 will likely drop at the character select screen and then there will be 3.