Can we play the music?

I like a lot of the music in BL3. Some I don’t, but can we get a way to pick what tracks we.want to hear? Playlist? The was a jukebox on a game called EVE once. It was awesome. Also the entrance music for Agonizer doesn’t play unless you are going through the story. If you revisit, you don’t hear it when you push the button. I wish I had entrance music for life. Walking into a grocery store with some Tone Loc would be dope.

PS, give the sound guys some credit. They did great imo.

Graveward music sounds like it could be in the Neverending Story.


There is always Youtube. I have not done the takedown (waiting on the scaling event) yet, but Wotan phase 2 is currently my favorite B3 music track.

Always loved the character intros from the title screen on BL1 and BL2 with the music. Really bummed BL3 didn’t follow the same recipe. You have to start a new game to get the intro now.

I’d like to know where GB get the music for Crimson Radio. Its always a good song or beat but every tune feels like its a mock up of, possibly, actual real life hits. If y’all get what I mean

Thanks for reminding me. I’ve seen it once because upon entering TVH I selected to play the intro and it skipped it anyway

Borderlands 3 intro is true to the series. I cried watching it for the first time. Almost as if I didn’t believe what happening in front of me.
Rare Epic Legendary <3