Can we please buff snipers?

snipers are the hardest to use in terms of viability. even legendary ones are outpaced by other types of legendary weapons. The only real VH that can use them is fl4k bc of his skills. plus theyre ranged weapons and only really useful before combat starts not after. can something be done to make them feel more fun and useful?


They buffed the Krakatoa big time. It’s super strong now

Lyuda, Woodblocker (now), Wedding invitation are good. Monocle is decent. Cold Shoulder and Headsplosion work with the right builds.
Krakatoa, Storm, and Firestorm just got buffed today. Haven’t played with them yet.
The Dahl snipers work well while leveling up. Asp, Diamondback, I think there is another.

There are a few sniper Amara builds on the internet.
High Fire rate snipers with ammo gen Moze aren’t garbage.

I have had this complaint in the past, but in the last month things have really come to a decent point.

Jakobs and Vladof too - did a LOT of sniping early game with multiple characters. Heck, even managed to use some of the Maliwan ones for that!

And for end game, it’s worth noting that GBX aren’t done yet - there’s obviously a very large gear pool in the game, but they’re methodically working through it all.

Jakobs, yes.
Vladof i had ammo consumption issues. But i love the snipers with the bi-pod attachment. Leveling up an ammo gen moze for this reason currently.
I will admit i am not the best shot either.

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The buffs to the malawian snipers seem nice from today’s hot fix from the vids I’ve seen. But still haven’t tested them yet but the dmg on the cards ar looking good I do hope it continues with Jacob’s ones

The only one that I’ve tested so far after the buffs today is Krakatoa. It’s a complete beast now. Absolutely shreds Graveward.

The way I like to snipe to put it simply is being able to aim at a long distance without fear of detection and retaliation. A good sniper should only be wary against an enemy sniper. The rest are easy targets. I can’t “snipe” in BL (I can shoot and kill with a sniper but not “snipe”). Snipers right now are more or less use like close distance shotguns or rifles.

Well, you can (depending on the map) - just not for very long! Probably easier in co-op?