Can we please do something to cut off the ridiculous amount of farming

What do you want and I’ll try and sort you out. As many other people on this forum will.

My PSN is above…

This goes for anyone who reads this…

Just add me, and message me, on PSN. Please use PSN to ask what you are looking for…

Have you tried the trading part of the forum, as many people give stuff for free if you ask?

I think it’s important to point out that farming to get gear that will allow you play through content is very obtainable in a very reasonable amount of time.

Farming to minmax your gear, to play on M4 (specifically designed to require “top tier” gear), or copy a build from the youtube internet darling of the week is going to take a while because of all the variables involved.

You can enjoy the game, but if your idea of fun is getting the absolute best stuff within an hour then just go the save editor route.

I’ve been having fun up to MM3 using gear I like, not whatever “BIS” is.


Completely agree. Mentioned it in the thread above… It’s when you have done all that and move up to M4 that it’s a bind to find gear by playing at M4, and that’s counterintuitive… I don’t watch many streams, but I try to engage with the forum to improve. And now I’m playing M4 quite happily, but to continue I wouldn’t mind the odd carrot…

When you play harder difficulty successfully hour after hour, and you don’t get to see any rewards you just stop playing, and do something else.

Like now. I respond mostly to people who need help with gear, or help people online in games, post on the forum, or just trade. Every time I try to improve my gear by even just 5% by farming game content or bosses or matchmaking at M4 I get disheartened with the drops…

But I ain’t losing any sleep over it… But it’s a real shame as up until the patch the rewards were slightly better with Badass Ghosts drops slightly helping keep you motivated…

I can’t wait now until the DLC…

Thank you for your kind offer, I am having a break from this game but will be doing some hardcore farming closer to the dlc drop. If I am struggling a bit after that then I will give you a shout and hopefully I will have something nice that you could make use of in exchange.

Nice one and cheers :+1:

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I certainly don’t expect to be handed anything without putting forth some effort however, I spent 24 hours of in-game play time farming the same boss, which is one of only two source for a specific item (Spiritual Driver), for it not to drop even once. I’m not talking about not getting a good roll. Not a single drop!

This cool new com that might keep a player who’s already seen all of the content the game has to offer interested – I’ve finished the entire campaign, including every sidequest, seven times – has such a low drop rate that instead of having fun playing with its new mechanics, my only reward is disappointment and frustration.

I’ll repeat myself from an earlier post. Promotion by the playerbase is the most important aspect of BL3’s long-term success (e.g. profitability). This is not the way to keep players playing.


completely agree. The game is anti farming


I’m just going to say this here.

I’ve been farming Graveward all weekend long. 100 runs on each level between TVHM with no Mayhem to TVHM M4. I’m still working on the last M4 so the stats I have collected aren’t complete, but…

Faming Graveward on any Mayhem level, even M1 will result in a drop rate of about 1 legendary per run on average. Every level from M1 and higher I farmed more than 10 class mods, 10 shields, 20 Artifacts, and more than 50 guns. M2 is the sweet spot if you’re just farming for world drops and not looking for specific anointments. I averaged 1.4 legendaries per run at M2 and 20 of them were anointed.

M3 and M4 require a lot more time per kill.

M3 really didn’t result in a lot more items than M2. It jumped from 1.4 drops per run to a 1.67 drops per run average. The number of anointed items nearly doubled over M2 though.

M4 is killing me because I’m tracking every item I find by class and name. I’ll have a full list when I am done. So far though I’m averaging more than 2 legendaries per run with almost a third of them being anointed.

So next issue is time. Farming Graveward on M1 with a good high DPS build should take less than a minute to actually kill him. You’ll spend more time in the quitting, saving, and restarting then you will actually playing. You shouldn’t have any problem making 1 run per minute if you’re looking for specific loot and not just grabbing everything that falls. M2 only adds about 10-15 seconds per run.

M3 will double the time of an M2 run though, and an M4 run is about quadruple the time of an M2 run, so unless you’re specifically looking for anointments you’ll get more drops per hour farming M2 than M4.

Now, is farming for a specific item that has both world drops and a dedicated drop source faster farming someone like Graveward or is it faster to farm the dedicated loot source? In my experience if you’re not farming for a specific anointment then you’ll get any item that world drops faster from Graveward than a dedicated loot source. I got most every major weapon and item that world drops to drop at M2 with just 100 runs.

Which all leads me to this conclusion.

If you are trying to create the most perfect build with all of the perfect weapons with the perfect attachments and perfect anointments combined with all of the perfect shields, grenades, class mods, and artifacts then you’re going to be spending literally dozens to hundreds of hours farming for just the most perfect gear possible from dedicated loot sources.

However, if you’re just needing gear good enough to run through M3 without it being too difficult or frustrating and then step into M4 aware that it is going to be a challenge and you will die many times, you can get that in 1, maybe 2 hours of farming Graveward at M2 level. No problem.


A fool and his money are soon parted.

I cant believe people can sell anything from this game on the PC. God level saves are available for free download and you can duplicate any item a hundred times in a matter of minutes. Duplicating on the PC is easy because the items in your safe aren’t part of your character save. So empty your backpack except for the item that you want to duplicate, backup your save, and them move it into the safe. Quit the game, replace your save with the backup, restart the game, and now you have one item in your backpack and another in your safe. Wash, rinse, and repeat and you double the number of items with every cycle. Doesn’t take too many cycles before you have 40 in your backpack and 40 in your safe.

Then throw all 79 of them on Ebay for $5 each. That works out to almost $400 for an hour or two’s worth of work. Of course the next problem then is finding 79 buyers who will actually pay for it. Seeing a listing on Ebay doesn’t mean anyone is actually buying it.

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i really hope gearbox will address the issue by implementing gun part swapping system , im trying to love borderlands 3 , yet first u killed maya , second u killed lilith , now u make farming so difficult its impossible to get the thing people wanted . but mostly i hate gearbox for killing both of the really cute siren .

I can agree that the grind for annoitments is really taking a toll on me. I spent days upon days of constant farming to load out my moze build. I felt very comfortable with where she was at for takedown and m4. Then takedown and m4 came and she is useless. So now I have to farm and farm again for the same gear, or different gear and change out my coms and artifact to suite the new gear. That’s even if I’m lucky to even get gear with the annoitment I need (nothing pisses me off more than finding an annoited gun that would work great, but has sliding or airborne). And if I ever get this loadout to take on m4, things will change once again! If gearbox is so focused on having the best builds for m4, then make it so if we can farm a boss in m4, that the legendary drops will be annoited. Because for the majority of players, m4 is not quick to farm. Face it gearbox, not all the people who play the game are in the 1% as they call it. We aren’t overflowing with people to trade with, and if we were, they don’t want do trade high end annoitments for basic legendary crap!

And I am all for giving earl eridium to add annoitments to gear. There is so many possibilities of annoitments, it may take quite a few payments to get the specific one we need

Definitely agree that m4 wotan should drop 100% annointed gear but he should also drop at least one guaranteed raid and/or m4 specific drop.

I’ve beaten him about 40 times now on m4 with 3-4 person groups and i’ve never seen a kybs worth. WTF?


Using eridium - even a ridiculous amount - to reroll anointed gear would be amazing. It’d really open the number of builds I have available for M4.

As it stands, the dedicated drop rates are much too low to be remotely worth it compared to just fighting graveward and other high reward bosses. Farming for a few hours for a specific legendary would be okay if we didn’t need anointments for M4. As it stands, its just better all around to find a place where lots of legendaries drop and hope for the best.

From what I have read from reading your previous posts is that you, like many others are not happy with the drop rates…

And I understand that one strategy, if you can call it that, is just to find the boss that drops the most loot and just hope… Just hope you don’t lose the will to live in the process.

It reminds me of that quote:

‘Hope is like a piece of string when your drowning. It just isn’t enough to get you out by itself.’

(Robert Jordon)


There are two areas I’d like to see drop rates improved. One, dedicated drop rates really need to scale off of mayhem level. Second, as they add more anointments, making specific builds gets more difficult if there isn’t a proportional increase to anointed drop rates.

Legendary drop rates themselves are more than generous, and I think that’s why we see threads like “the drop rates are fine.” The issue is that legendary gear on its own really isn’t enough if you want to deal with M4 in a way that isn’t either frustrating or tedious.

I’d also argue that increasing drop rates significantly really isn’t going to cut into the longevity of the game. Take Westergun for example. With the right parts and anointments, it is quite M4 ready. However, even with the drop rate near 100% on M4, I’ve farmed it for hours without getting one that would compare to Tediore chucking for the build I’m trying to put together on Moze. The right combination of mag size, binary, and anointment means it is still going to be a serious farm, and that’s fine by me. But if you multiply that time by an order of magnitude or two - like in the case of low drop rate rare spawn enemies - it’s at the point where it isn’t fun anymore.


I feel your pain. I have been playing Borderlands 3 less than I used to because I have been murdering M4 Graveward over and over and have had little luck getting what I require for my build from him. I need artifacts and class mods but it feels impossible to find what I need.

It is beyond frustrating. I would like to spend time in the game putting a build to work, not spending hours wasting away with no success just trying to get the parts for it.


Hard to get BiS not a bad thing but in a game with 10 ways to dupe, save wizard, past exploits of game mechanics, not to mention the boring kill one boss 500 times in a row farming method the loot hunt is pointless and tedious(Whole game is atm imo). Then if you do play legit get your items for your spec you lucky to get a week using it before it either gets nerfed or broke on the next hotfix.


Crazy Earl should have the option to place a random anointment on any item for 1000 Eridium, or let you select a specific anointment for 10,000 Eridium. 10,000 Eridium may seem like a lot, but you can farm that much in a few hours in the right places, so a few hours investment to get the exact anointment you want.

Sure would be better than farming for days and never getting the right anointment.


No, the problem is if you go to a dedicated loot drop your odds are still so small that you’re just hoping, and in some cases getting the item through a random world drop is actually faster and easier than going to a dedicated drop source.

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Pretty much everyone who has commented I would say likes a challenge, and does not expect loot to be given without engaging in interesting game content. It helps to read all the thread to get an understanding of where people are coming from…

Most of us have gone through both Normal and TVHM with multiple characters, and farmed bosses and content so many times that by the time we start playing M4 we already are a bit tired of the game content. We are then looking to engage with difficult content, like a Raid map and boss. It is at this point, at M4, that making gear specific loot so unattainable that people lose their minds… It is just bad game reward design. I am personally not into such RNG sadomasochism, and a lot of people feel the same…

This has nothing really to do with duplication. Without people duplicating - which is on every platform, and something I truly believe should be easier for everyone to do - I think many players would not share their top-tier loot. Especially when it is so ridiculous to find…And I think many would stop playing at M4 if they didn’t have a network of people trading to help them…

And for people that are ready to play M4, going back to lower game modes is just not satisfying - as you have honed your gear for harder content, and thus lower levels have no challenges…

If there are no focused ways in the game to get rewards at the highest level, what is the point in playing?

And yes I completely agree with you that after all this work, all these hours…then to have a piece of gear maybe changed within a week, or day, of obtaining it is enough to create a serious mental strain on people…


I don’t get your reply at all. What are are trying to say?

I say that farming a boss is a hopeless strategy - using humour.

And you say… No, the problem of farming a boss is it’s a hopeless strategy, and you might as well just hope for a world drop?