Can we please fix the active skill UI already?

I play Zane only so I have no idea if this happens for other characters too but I’d imagine it’s not a stretch to assume so. Not only does the active skill UI keep bugging out by showing skills in different order almost every time they reactivate but sometimes it showes washed out icons or leaves blank spaces. From what I can see the problem is at least partially caused by the maximum limit of 8 active skill icons displayed at any one time so It would probably be a good idea to double it at least. Keeping players guessing as to what’s active or not and whether their active skills even work properly or not at all is frustrating. Please fix this, it’s embarrassing that such an important part of the UI is still broken after such a long time since the release.


Only thing I had “problems” with was checking Commitment. I had a similar problem with Bl2’s Krieg killskill

Yes this happens with amara to. Havent played fl4k in a while so cant confirm and i dont really play moze. This game has many bugs and UI issues that doesnt seem to be on the front line of GBX’s list. It does make things more complicated than it should when you’re in the heat of the battle.

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Yeah it is truly a problem that they aren’t even addressing it. But let’s be honest, or at least let me be. If you know what triggers what and have a bit of memory of what your spec is, the UI display is not that important. In fact, I never check it with Amara and do just fine XD

It’s not about difficulty, this game is so easy that a toddler could comfortably complete all the content with minmial effort. It’s about the experience and having a lottery running in your UI every time you activate your kill skills is annoying af.

I suspect I’m playing the game ‘wrong’ - you can take away this entire UI (display of active skills), and it won’t make any difference to me. I don’t have time in combat to pay attention to what’s active - at most it’s shield/health, AS availability, red dots on mini-map, and trying to prioritize them.

Kudos to all of you who can do much more!



the fact that skills dont have an active timer that shows you whats on for how long ( this is only at times some do but it gets RLY ■■■■■■ with stacked skills and other stuff)

and some skills dont even show up like annointment effects, which has been a problem for MANY ppl ( most of which left the game anyway so… yeah)

i wish they one day next game think
ah yes having a clear view over ALL active skills without issues might be a good idea
especially if its effects that have a timer in them or have to be timed / need to be active for you to deal damage

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And can actually make out what those tiny splotches are supposed to represent! :eyeglasses: :telescope:

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