Can we please get a heal beam toggle for Miko instead of having to constantly hold down the button?

The majority of the time playing Miko is healing, so I’d rather not have to spend 20 minutes of a match holding a button down and fatiguing my fingers. Can we just get a toggle option?


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Yes not targeting minions a thousand times. With Reyna’s Priority Target too. And Ambra’s heal beam. And maybe Hawkeye?

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People ask for this and I don’t get why they want healing to be easier and more mindless. Nailing a heal/bubble (with Alani or Reyna in particular) in a crowd can feel quite awesome.

As for finger fatigue, I can certainly understand the desire for a toggle. Probably easiest to program it with autohotkey or similar.

As if Miko wasn’t strong enough, right?

So we should hold onto frustrating healing mechanics to keep healers on their toes? That’s crazy talk.

Why should it be any different from anything else in the game? Other skills/attacks have to be aimed (generally). Why should healing be exempt? Why is having to target a heal frustrating any more than targeting an attack?

I’ve spent a ton of time playing Alani, and to a lesser extent Ambra and Reyna (Kleese doesn’t count in this context). Yeah, sometimes I miss a heal, but that’s just part of the game, IMO.

It will still need to be aimed. It’s hard enough aiming the beam at the right player when they are all bunched together without needing to avoid the minions as well.

It’s not like healing will become unskilled if they stopped minions being targeted. TF2 doesn’t even have minions and it’s Medic still takes skill to play. You need to know know who to heal and when to use Biosynthesis/Mushroom while avoiding being hit and throwing spore sacks. That’s not easy.

Miko’s healing beam targeting minions has been frustrating players since beta. In my opinion it needs to be fixed. Also need to fix the ‘ghost’ second healing beam that sometimes appears.

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Or they could just shorten it like Ambra’s, then minions getting in the way won’t be a problem. (My point is, you have it easy, not that I think they should do that)

Yeah Ambra’s beam range is broken. They should fix that too.

I’m not sure it would hurt anything if the option were added - people who currently don’t pay attention to what they’re doing still won’t - but it does seem less appealingly hands-on-y to me. While I do play miko regularly, I haven’t noticed a lack of toggling being a problem and I don’t have any hand problems, so I might not be the target audience .

I’d want heal beam toggling to be a behavior the player could engage in the options menu - that way both sides can be happy.

While I’m not sure how frequently being able to heal minions has made a major difference, I don’t think I’d want to lose the option, particularly in meltdown.

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Physical discomfort is a good thing now? I guess that explains Whiskey Foxtrot’s tactical rifle… Can’t they just balance Miko some other way that doesn’t involve constant beam spamming and repetitive strain injury?

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Some characters will have wounds attached to their weapons when a helix is chosen (a wound will replace Isic’s slow). This will amount to a perma wound as long as the character is attacking the player Miko is healing.

Even if you don’t have a character with a perma wound on your team, 4 seconds is all you need to finish off the person Miko is healing. Wounds reduce the amount of healing received by about 60%, including health regeneration and lifesteal. That would reduce Miko’s healing to about the same level of healing Ambra’s sunspots provide (post-nerf), and it isn’t too often that you see Ambra rescue players with her healing to the same degree the other supports do. Keep in mind that this takes into account all of his helixes that buff his healing and his Biosynthesis skill.

Not only that, but since wounds affect all healing recieved, Miko’s Biosynthesis skill won’t be able to save him if he is hit with one.

Miko will also be receiving a nerf to his helix that grants him increased movement speed when under fire. All of this and we still don’t know about all of the buffs given to the other supports and possibly more nerfs to Miko (don’t take this as me actually wanting more nerfs).

Honestly I think being a good Miko healer already requires a lot of skill. I can count on one hand the number of Miko’s I’ve seen who excel as a dedicated healer.

Choosing who to heal and when to use Biosynthesis while simultaneously dodging attacks from the other team. Knowing when it is safe to stop healing your teammates and launch your own attack or drop a mushroom in a safe place. That takes skill, not the constant holding and tapping of the heal button. All that does is cause frustration and/or injury.

Speaking of injury, I recently actually injured myself after playing Miko healer for 4 hours. I had to go to physiotherapy and everything. I have now swapped RB and L2 in the PS4 Accessibility options so hopefully that makes it easier and it doesn’t happen again. Now you know why I’m passionate about this lol.

In my opinion there is enough skill involved playing Miko without having to gimp the controls.