Can we please get a nerf to the anarchy’s reload splash radius

I absolutely love the anarchy, it’s so fun to use, except for one thing, the damn reload splash radius is so huge it’s a map nuke and I’m constantly getting killed by it.
This gun being a tediore is just killing it and everything else about it is great and doesn’t need touching but the reload radius is just stupid huge and makes the gun painful to use, please can it be reduced by like 50% and I don’t have to throw it and run the other way

I don’t recall having run into this specific problem - are you using Moze and is this basically just TCP killing you? Then again, the Anarchy has never been one of my “most used” weapons, so I may just not have run into it. Do you have other splash, splash radius, or AOE passives?

pretty much this :wink:

any increase in AOE or splash radius turns this in a digistructing suicide :rofl:

or use it on zane with ducttape mod

Not using it on moze, I find this on any character. It can even kill Zane cause dot damage

Never Nerf
Blessed are Buffs


I feel like the whole “killing yourself” thing actually kind of balances a lot of these types of weapons. It’s powerful, but you have to use it carefully and in selected situations.

Personally I am OK with that tradeoff. But then again I play only Mindsweeper Moze, so I could be called mildly suicidal when it comes to BL3. LOL. I feel like that is part of the fun.


zane has some skills in the green tree to prevent DoT doing to much damage :wink:

but yeah, it’s kind of the trade off you need to take with it… it’s a realy powerfull gun (though there are better options)

also probably best to find one with parts that prevent it from exploding in your face to much (and keep an eye out for enemies getting into you face)

Or my arch-nemesis, walls.


barrels are more evil! :smiling_imp:


Legit Comment Time:
STEP 1: Shock Anarchy
STEP 2: Transformer Shield
STEP 3: ???
STEP 4: Profit

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Unless you’re not playing on higher Mayhem modes, that ??? is gonna be “Get killed by self-inflicted DOT damage”

Then shift to rad Anarchy with red suit and the list stands.

You mean the self inflicted shock DOT that heals you because you are using the Transformer which heals you for 100% of shock damage taken?

But if its radius is half a map then there is no escaping it blowing up in your face, like if it explodes right in your face and you die thats fair, but when you throw it away from you and it still kills you thats just dumb

Eh, the Red Suit doesn’t convert radiation to shields, but at least it prevents death by DOT. I have a Red Suit with safe-space, which is great for driving away the enemies that will try to break your health gate.

Yep. On M10/11 go ahead and shoot a shock barrel point blank and tell me how that Transformer holds up.:+1:

Same here with minesweeper moze, came to her after amara and ran up on enemies to get my damage up, now I just keep my distance when using splash.

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Well, that’s what you get increasing tje radius isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

Like most of these types of weapons, you need to build around them so you don’t blow yourself to kingdom come every time you reload :sweat_smile:

Yeah except I didn’t, running with 0 splash radius increased and it’s still huge

Weird, maybe it has parts that give it a bigger radius?
I did suggest GBX to create a shield to resist splash damage (like transformer and redsuit kinda thing)

It does have a few parts that increase radius, also the shield would basically need to be immune to splash to be useful and dots would still destroy it