Can we please get a nerf to the anarchy’s reload splash radius

Problem is, GBX pretty much half assed everything in this game…

At first i thought they threw ■■■■ at the wall to see what sticks… But it’s closer to, they picked up whatever mess that created and ran with it.

DLC2 was released just before M2.0 and all the ■■■■ that came with it

Same deal with barrels 1 shotting you

All boils down to wonky scaling

My cryo Anarchy is one of my favorite weapons, and I manage to not down myself, even with a +Splash Damage/+Splash Radius Seein’ Dead COM. :man_shrugging:

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Torgue might here you.

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@thesuicidefox In your heart you know the answer.

Well yeah cryo on Zane if you have a point in duct tape mod means you won’t take any self damage

I don’t think the cryo element makes a difference in this case, but yeah, at least one point from DTM is the smart way to go.

And cryo has slowing effect instead of DoT :wink:

Thanks, I didn’t know that. :roll_eyes:

Regardless, maybe the Anarchy needs less of a splash radius nerf, and more of a chuck distance buff?

Let’s all stick to talking about the game and spare one another the personal assessments of character.

They do very little other than turn this in to a chest pumping competition.

Okay, will do. :wink: