Can we please get a patch or Hotfix that lets us mute or turn down the constant grunting when jumping with the vault hunters

I try to listen to the story dialogue during missions and cinematics but don’t wanna hear the loud grunting of my characters every time I jump I’ve tried adjusting it in audio settings but the dialogue volume is also tied to the character jumping sounds and it’s pretty annoying I’m probably the only one that cares but it’s really annoying

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That’s crazy talk.

Don’t jump. :ok_hand:

No but seriously, i agree. I sometimes wish i could turn off all grunts. Especially when affected by status effects.

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Flak doesn’t make the sounds because he’s a robot, I bet they nerf him now.

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At least dial down the frequency of it. That goes for a lot of stuff too, like random npcs, and fl4k’s pets too. They make noise way too often.

Moze in particular makes jumping noises that are just unpleasant to listen to, especially after she’s been sprinting for a while. Sounds almost like she’s dry heaving.

Yup. This has been every bl game honestly every female sounds like they are umm… :point_right: :ok_hand:

Haven’t noticed… maybe because I don’t constantly bounce around like my character has been mainlining gummi berry juice…

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On a bit of a tangent, I wish they would put screams under sound effects instead of voices at least… It doesn’t bother me too much, but my girlfriend turns the voice volume way down as a result of all the screaming from dots etc… Then she has to constantly mess with the volume to actually hear the plot.

Farming the legendary Garcia makes me realise zane should not be a vault hunter he’s to old lol uh whew jeeze lol

This was a problem in bl2 also. There the very worst was a random npc yelling right next to you while you were trying to listen to mission audio. Dont get your hopes up for fix.

Me listening to compelling mission ECHO log

NPC next to me in Sanctuary: “LIEUTENANT COMMANDER SPACE HELICOPTERS REPORTING FOR DUTY!!! WHICH WAY TO ADVENTURE!?!?!?!” (except that I love that guy lol. :smiley: )

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