Can We Please Get Actual Fixes?

Every update and patch is just weapon, loot, or single skill adjustments.

There are literally list all over the forums of actual issues with Vault Hunters and I’ve not seen them even once be addressed.

I don’t know about other Vault Hunters as much, but FL4K has had two major bugs (on XBox) involving his Master Skill Tree.
Psycho Head on a Stick; doesn’t proc.
And Gamma Burst just keeps stacking the one minute cool down every time you revive your pet, so even with a living pet people are getting ridiculously high cool downs till you have to exit game just to reset it.

These have existed since launch, but seem to go completely ignored cause Gearbox is more concerned that the Fade Away build is too powerful and keep tweaking skills involved in it.

Focus on fixing actual broken crap and not what you think is too OP.


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