Can we please get indicators for buffs and stacks?

How hard is it to implement those things ? I payed for a game to have to do my own guesswork whether something is actually active or nor and i so then to what degree ? Can we not have the same hexagonal icons but in different color appear for the Pearl stacks, anoint stacks and buffs like Victory Rush or Enrage ??

Come on guys … after DLC 4 anyone who had doubts about this game being a ton of half-assery pretty much knows it for sure now, but is even giving players a fully functional UI too much for you ??


dlc 1 had at least fresh hyperion bots
dlc 2 had fresh new enemies like the wolven and other ■■■■ like spores

then dlc 3 is eden 6
dlc 4 is dlc 1 with base game content

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Certain things like this I could let slip by as they don’t really affect the game beyond maybe breaking player immersion.

A similar thing I found was the prison side mission in DLC 4 when you break through the cell wall, you can CLEARLY see where the wall is meant to be broken and it seems like something any competent play tester would see and report.

Idk everything just seems rushed and I’m not sure who’s more at fault for that, GBX since it is their product or 2K who is clearly applying more pressure for sales

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you do remember that randy said they dont rly playtest this ■■■■… because that would mean it takes longer to get out…
im pretty sure he said this on twitter a few months back

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And don’t forget that the loader enemies drop dlc1 gear in dlc4…


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Can you show me this “90%”? Literally everything I’ve seen in base game are new. You’re out of your mind if you think 90% of this game are assets from old games.

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We’ve been asking for this a year ago when the game launched. Nothing has happened. No they won’t implement it. If they do you won’t be playing the game anymore because stuff like that takes Gearbox FOREVERRR.

Great comments. I don’t know why they got flagged.

Yup, true.

In terms of software development, with the assumption of some decent project architecture, adding indicators isn’t a difficult task.

It’s a matter of prioritizing tasks and game design principles.

Like how split screen all of a sudden was acknowledged (I don’t care for split screen)… That’s not how it is… the truth was community uproar, but, GBX was busy running methodically through a list of their own making.

I think the biggest issue between community and developer is the community assumes that since September 2019 there has been “free time” at GBX where employees sit around - that never happens in an efficient workplace, all the time is allocated until the job is finished as per the roadmap set out by the workers.

To say the indicators aren’t coming or acknowledged, when they are but underneath a pile of to-do paper work, that is demanding of something without knowing how it works or what has to be waded through to get to it.

Edit: also LOL if you can’t keep track of the gear stacks… I mean Pearl is a “feel&visual” you prolong your attack and the pearl overwhelms melts the foe and you move on.

Victory Rush requires you be mindful… Eyes on the baddases because theres your increase so pace it (not a fan of power that has conditions to be met before use, its not 100%reliable, Victory Rush is ■■■■)

Is it really guesswork? or too much for some players, if you’re serious you’re serious, to shoot and also keep track of your actions.

just wants to be spoon fed information to streamline the experience into a no brainer

My view is the gear stacks are off screen purposely so players have to think instead of “When I have these colored icons up my screen edge I win”

If it is so bad that it makes a player not want to play, get Photoshop up and show us your design of the UI with a full set of indicators. Show us

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Back to the buffs and stacks indicators topic, please and thank you.

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