Can we please get more item options in the Borderlands VIP site for Borderlands 3?

I’m sure I could speak out for our Borderlands community when I say “PLEASE give us more VIP rewards”…cause I’ve just bought the game a few days ago and am disappointed on the fact there aren’t much rewards ,only 3 weapons and all are lv10 for 4,000 VIP points plus some head/body skins for each character and that’s it,that’s not fair at all,I hope they add more VIP items for Borderlands 3,we deserve it,am I right?


Yea, I’m sitting on a crazy amount of VIP points just waiting for stuff to spend them on lol.

The worst part about the weapons are that they are level 10, meaning they will be pointless in a matter of 3-4 levels, so they don’t get much usage. Also, they are mediocre weapons.

I’d personally like to see some fancy vehicle customizations and/or emotes added to the VIP program.