Can we PLEASE get more than 30 seconds to pick a hero? (And go to the gear tab automatically)

I remember they reduced the character select time to 45 seconds five months ago, and that only lasted a week because people hated it so much. Now, they remove the blind pick so we can actually strategize against the enemy team, redo the entire roster layout, and to compensate us they give us even less time than ever before? That makes no sense at all. The only thing I can think of is they want to discourage lots of hero swapping… but that’s going to happen anyways. And even if it does, who cares? That’s what you get for removing blind pick and letting people change their hero.

I would much rather have more than 30 seconds so I can see a few enemies on the other team and decide who I am going to play in case they have a hard counter or 2 to who I was planning on playing and not feel insanely rushed. I’ve already left a game because the timer ran out and I was stuck with el dragon (seriously, he needs a buff). And don’t even get me started if the hero I was planning on playing gets selected by someone else on my team. Then its a mad scramble to think of someone else.

Also, please make it so the gear tab is the first tab to show up after you pick a hero. It makes no sense to skip it when its by far the most important tab after choosing a hero.


Yeah. This is one of the few things in the patch that throws me off. Accidentally ended up with the wrong gear a few times because now you have to select that first. Might be a case of muscle memory, but a bit more time would be nice.

I do agree that 30 seconds is way too short.

I’m playing Rath exclusively no matter who my opponent picks. I might cancel to pick Miko if my team needs a healer instead but that would be my only reason of character swapping. If it was premade vs premade it might be a different story but pugs vs pugs, it doesn’t matter to me.

Also when you have the Gear tab higlighted you can’t even see the name of the Loadout, I keep having to move off it to see the name.


that might be the reason… to “counter” the mass counter pick session, if you will.

I havent even found a way to make the names show on XB1… Really inconvienent

Exactly why I said it, and my point is the trade off is very much not worth it. Not even a little. For crying out loud, Overwatch gives you a minute to choose your characters, and you can change them anytime you want during the match! Heres half the time for a guy you are locked into…

you’re not locked into it, and you can’t see your opponents choices in OW…

Felt this change was really weird as well.

I think Rick meant in BB, once the game starts you’re locked into the character. 30 seconds is a little too short for pugs where you may want to switch after someone chooses to better round out your team comp.

I concur. Matchmaking used to be 120 seconds, but that was too long. Then it was 60 seconds, and that was too short. Gearbox then made it 90 seconds, which was juuuuuuust right - until they curiously nerfed the timer 67% (a running theme this week). I’m in favor of 90 seconds, but at this point anything above 30 would be appreciated.

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If it’s a hero swap issue I say let us change our characters mid match but make it cost ~1800 shards or so.

You are locked into it in Battleborn, which is extremely unforgiving. And not being able to see your opponents choices in OW is even less reason to have more time, since you don’t need to try and strategize and pick counters to their heroes, and avoid choosing a hero that their team comp counters… Which is exactly whats going on in BB now.

I’m all against this. I wouldn’t want BB to be similar to OW with this feature: