Can we please get this input queuing issue resolved?

Anyone who plays Miko may have noticed that sometimes you have to press the beam button twice to get it to start. It’s not a lag issue, it’s actually how BB queues your button presses and Miko isn’t the only one affected.

@Label07 and @Wintery explained the problem much better than I ever could during beta so read here for more info: Button Input Queuing - Working as Intended?

Can we please get this resolved @JoeKGBX @Jythri? It’s frustrating having to repress the same button all the time.


I noticed this as well. If I am using LMB to throw darts I cannot press RMB to heal until LMB is released. Both attacking and healing feel delayed which has nothing to do with latency. It’s very wonky programming.

I’ve let so many teammates die thinking my beam was on them only to realize when the visual diarrhea of spell effects finally clear up that although my RMB was held down, no beam actually went off.

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Yup. Been pricing this on Kleese trying to use primary fire after using mortars.

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I think it’s even worse - you have to wait for the “stop throwing kunai” animation to end before RMB can start responding to input. If you click RMB during the animation, it will just ignore the button press. And if you hit reloading animation, well, good luck.