Can we please give it some time

Hey guys, so I know that the long-awaited DLC update has everyone excited (I am too!), and are excited to share their opinions, but the amount of negativity I’ve seen on this site today leads me to believe that not everyone is viewing these changes with an open mind. I mean, it’s entirely too early to truly pass judgment on a lot of these changes. We got hit with a lot all at once. Can we please just… give it some time? The last thing I want is for premature raging to entice the devs to make unnecessary balance changes as we have seen happen in the past (because we’re lucky enough to have devs that actually listen to us).

Tl:dr, all I ask is to keep your mind open with the changes, and to play around with them a bit more before passing definite judgment. Cheers


Patience is the greatest of all virtues.


I’ve given it enough time regarding incursion. Sentry Shields shouldn’t be stripped within two seconds from the first minion wave (minus any player interference in the assault.)

With change comes the need to adjust. To adjust takes time. SPAM RAGE!

I don’t understand it, we’ve seen the same with every new map, character, hotfix and update. Too much, not enough, should’ve been like this etc.

With all of the variables considered, one match is simply no enough time to definitively say whether x is OP or y is useless. One full day of playing isn’t even enough time. The negative posts started coming when the update was announced, long before it was even released, and now the flooding commences… :confused:


Adapt or die. It’s as simple as that. Sadly, humans don’t really do that so well. Instead of adapting we try to force everything around us to adapt to us or change it to suit our needs.


And whatever around us can’t adapt to our presence, dies. Or, we kill it anyway. Like Battleborn :frowning:


This lowkey made me kind of sad


The one thing I won’t pardon is that they butchered the ult callout lines for convenience…


What do you mean exactly?

That they deleted all but one ult callout line per hero just to make the game easier for newbies.

Isn’t that Puff Daddy’s new campaign, since his “Vote or Die” one didn’t pan out?

“Adapt or Die, mothafka, mothafka; adapt or die!
Can’t run from an Elite Bot, go ahead and try.
Adapt or Die!”

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You mean as opposed to recognizing the hero’s voice?

Exactly. Or also just recognizing most of the lines when you’ve been playing for some time.
It’s a shame, the different ult callouts were pure gold. I hope they bring them back. :slight_frown:


They. could make it so when someone calls it out in first person, you can hear different ult lines while leaving it the same when allies and enemies here it. I miss the “Take em down! Take me all down!” Line from Mellka and “Foxtrot’s going Full Auto!” lines. This might need extra coding and changes though. I don’t know if the poster above me agrees with idea but it would solve the problem.


I’m surprised that no one has tried asking @JoeKGBX and @Jythri to include the other call-outs in a future update.

I know you guys get flooded with questions and requests, but IF you are reading this, i would like to remind you that the dialog in this game is one of the things that makes it special, and sets it apart.

So… Pretty please; consider bringing the other ultimate dialog options back? -bats eyebrows flirtingly-


I strongly suggest tweeting them to bring back the original dialogue lines as well. I did this among telling them that minions are a tad bit ridiculous in Incursion now.

Exactly…I was wondering why I kept hearing my dearest Ambra say, “Look children! Tis the end of the World!” Over…and over…and over again…Dialog means a lot to me in this game…


They are pretty active on Twitter. Not a bad idea

Listen to this guy. We need something back… One certain line.

“Tweet tweet, motherf*uckers”


When the ■■■■ does Toby say THAT?! If he doesn’t, he SHOULD. I LOVE IT!!

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