Can we please have the fabricators corpse launching FIXED

im sorry but the fabricator is almost unfarmable because of how its body just ROCKETS off the map only to see the loot disappear off the edge. and NOW im having the main body just flat out DISSAPEAR without a trace of the body or the items on the mini map! how about moving the loot spawn for the body be the legs or the lower half of the body in general so it just disperses than rain down in a stream?

After you deliver the killing blow and before it explodes run up right next to it. Should alleviate that the vast majority of the time in my long experience of farming it.

kinda hard to do when you got baddies like badass element loaders up your bum. plus having to rush to get under it is not fun.

I bet it’s more fun than having your loot fly off the map.


I have only had this occur once in more than 100 kills, and on that one I had fired the Ion Cannon, which I really don’t use to kill it but wanted to try. I just thought it was the result of that clearly more powerful explosion.

It is not connected to Ion cannon that’s I am sure because I don’t use it to kill the boss and it s till happened to me.

I have the impression that the loot fall follows the player position with it falling out of the map if you deal the killing blow while running near the edge of arean. So when i a m about to deal the killing blow I put myself at the initial position (where you are when entering the arena) and I’ve never had any more problem

If only we had some sort of machine that saved loot which would otherwise be lost…


Well sometimes I got back what dropped off the edge like that, but it does not always work, it’s hard to keep track of what is in there

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I know very well bout the loot saver box, but when i have that mode activated i also have to pick up everything or else the box will fill up with the items i did not want. And im not fond of having to start over at the very beginning to sell stuff, come back and then start the whole process of farming over again IF the fabricator yeets off into another dimension.

ive tried that and it dosent seem to work. ive even tried killing it when the part that’s suppose to spawn the loot isn’t spinning or moving an inch incase THAT causes the corpse launch. nothing.

also remember, i mentioned that sometimes the fabricators body will just flat out disappear with nothing around. and ive looked around the map. no stars, no obvious trail. nothing. its like it just pulled off a “instant transmission”.

Remember that NVHM exist if you need your main VH be on stand-by to check LLM while your main in TVHM still at Fabricator location ready.

But if you like me where you don’t want your inventory get mesh with junk then create a mule and leave them at Sanctuary so it’ll manage and clear loot with easy management