Can we please make it so Cutscenes just kill off any DEATHs?

Now, I usually like to play with the Post Mortem modifier because I find it less obnoxious than the other ones, though there are a few things about it that are annoying, like for instance, the hitbox is kid of odd and you need to shoot the flying skulls in the teeth if you wanna reliably deal damage.

One issue I have encountered in this DLC though and that really annoyed me was that you can still die during cutscenes. In particular, for me it was the second cutscene of the final bossfight where you fight Rose first and then the cutscene plays to reveal the Ruiner. When I killed Rose a DEATH spawned and then the Cutscene started and mid-way through the cutscene I died which was annoying because 1) well, I died, which is always a pain and 2) because the respawn animation thingy actually played over the cutscene which really just was annoying.

So, can Gearbox please change DEATH to either get wiped whenever a cutscene starts, or better even, make it so the Vault Hunters are simply invulnerable as long as they are watching a cutscene? I had a simular problem with the cutscene at the end of the 2nd DLC because suddenly a Crichydon spawned in the boss arena and downed me and really, it’s just a pain in the ass.