Can we please remove weapon skins and room decorations from loot pool once aquired

  • yes
  • no

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As the title says, I’m tired of loot drops being watered down by items I have already unlocked. hopefully gearbox can get an idea of how the community feels by the poll results.


they are just anoying and get in the way… cluttering up your inventory (and more often then not you have to drop them in order to sell them)

would be better if they just added everything to earl’s shop and never drop random useless things


ESPECIALLY the legendary ones. Every time: “Ooh a legendary aaaand it’s a skin I already have. Great…”


Hope this gets way more votings.

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When Wotan drops a Deep Nebula skin and you know that means your Redistributor isn’t there…


should just move them all over to Earls black market


I’m surprised no one has voted “NO” yet. I voted “YES”. Someone ping me when this one gets a NO vote.

Finally the community (on these forums at least) agrees with something!

When I voted I saw 100% on yes.

The cosmetics should drop separately, or only from specific spots and duplicates are useless so they shouldn’t drop from everything.

Right now it feels like they’re actually prohibiting me from getting drops, like taking the place of something I was hoping would drop from a source, and they’re all duplicates.

Not to mention the quest reward ones from say Moxxi of which I’m missing a couple and they don’t drop ANYWHERE ELSE in the game except from that specific event. (Completing the radio towers)

I agree they get in the way.
With that said I have killed Wotan countless times and only got his head this weekend, I’m sure if I get a second one someone will want it in their room.
It’s rare or I have terrible luck, IDK.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but the only vending machine I use is Marcus ammo.

For some reason you can’t select/sell things like echo cases and some decs. If you mark them as trash before you enter, then it will get rid.

Apart from my first hour or two I have never looked at the Dr Zed (where is he?) and Weapon machines.

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You gotta swing by Earl every now and then, all the guns are anointed.

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And the prize for the most emphatic poll result goes to… :rofl:


This is going to be one of the most one-sided polls in video game history. I like the new skins, but once you got like half of them it starts getting annoying to find duplicates. And the fact that they are worth absolutely nothing isn’t helping either.


I’d probably be ok with skin sets that provide stat boosts. So for example, Poop Set:

Collect 5 parts and after collecting all you gain extra splash, foul odor that push backs enemies for 2 seconds, extra grenade etc.

So each skin set provides different bonuses.


I know this is going to be super one sided, but that’s the point here. gearbox needs to do something about this issue, nice to see everyone is on board. not surprising though. I’m loving that redistributer meme though, that’s pretty much this thread in a nutshell.

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that is damn funny right there :rofl:

I voted yes because I’d love for this to happen, but I’m very doubtful that it’s possible.

I suspect that encoding the “check the player’s unlocked customizations then exclude repeats from available loot pool” would significantly slow the loot generation process. This game’s already got some problems with lagginess on consoles and that could make it worse.

I’m no computer scientist, so maybe there’s someone out there who could explain why I’m wrong…and I hope I am wrong, this change would be extremely welcome.


As a programmer this one is trivial easy and not computationally intensive.
You have a table of customizations by ID (which is in effect just a large number) and when you generate a new loot drop you compare that ID to the IDs the player already has and re-roll if it exists. (one way of doing it, you could do it globally per character also to prevent it from showing in the loot drops and being rejected, but I think this would work very quickly anyway and would be better that modifying loot pools).

Since this does not involve graphic rendering and should not hit the disk, it’s all in-memory simple code, the kinda stuff that processors run really fast.
Code-wise this isn’t difficult or system intensive.

One other comment on this is to (however everything else works out) keep the cosmetics out of the lost loot locker. I didn’t pick it up cuz I had it already, putting it in lost loot wastes a space, giving me a $1 lost loot pickup.


Still 100%

Love that.

Can you post how to fix the menu lag …that’d be awesome :joy: