Can We Please See Stacks On Gear

Can we get a way to see or check stacks on gear load out pieces? Pain 2 Gainer is something I really would like to see stacks for since it has 100 stacks max.


I’d go as far as asking to have a little area that shows every buff that your character has that somehow tracks the time left before the buff expires. (For both buffs and debuffs as well as for gear/ability stacks)

Co-sign on this, Jythri and Gbx devs. More info is better!

At the very least any stacks gained from abilities or gear. There is so many things that is “do X to gain a stack. Stacks cap at 5 or 10 or 100” but in the heat of the moment, no one is going to mentally keep track of if they got a stack or how many you have.

Though, I would be happy if Gearbox would just say, “Hey, we hear you. This is a project we are working on, so sit tight. We got you.” Or even a, “We hear you, but we don’t have the resources to put on that right now. There is a lot we want to get out to you all, and this will be put on that list. Once we get some people freed up from other projects, we will start looking at this.”

I like this, some characters like el dragón and some legendary items need it

Yes, that would be amazing!

Im aure it can be done cuz borderlands2 counts stacks on characters thats have stackable abilities