Can we please stop getting areas where its way too easy to fall off or get knocked of the edge

Falling off the edge absolutely sucks, getting knocked off is even worse. The one reason I haven’t done the guardian takedown is because I’ll either get knocked off by the swarm of melee guardians or fall off cause I’m more focused of shooting and killing enemies than where I’m walking and this drives me nuts ESPECIALLY in the takedowns as theres only a halfway checkmark so falling off is stupidly punishing. None of the previous games had falling off into the abyss as this much of an occurrence and it’s so completely unnecessary. For future maps can it please be made so theres much less areas to fall off all the time and maybe for takedowns can it be made a bit less punishing if you just fall off and not get downed in combat as having to completely restart just cause you got sent flying backwards is infuriating

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there are exactly 2 places where this is the case… FOR ME
the guardian takedown
dlc 4
both suck ass
guardian takedown can specifically eat my shorts
how many times i SUDDENLY stopped flying forward and just DROPPED
to die and restart with the emotion of hatred, anger, confusion and the desire to leave the takedown