Can we put together a list of crit-spots?

I think everyone has seen how much Aurelia is shafted when she doesn’t have crits to hit. And yet, some enemies have weak spots that are plain whack.
What I’d like to know is
Guardians (mainly the flying ones)
Power suits

The larger Torks have crit spots in their tails (freeze them, then shoot the blob at the end of their tail). Same with Stalkers, but I’m not sure about the tiny Torks.
Guardians’ seems to be their face.
RK-5 is his engines.
I think you can shoot the Power Suit pilots in the face for a crit.
The others I’m not sure about.

I have no idea what you’re saying

Head, if not head, Giant Eye. Done

Torks - small ones don’t have crit spots. Leviathans have a green bubble on the back of their head, Queens have a bubble on their belly for critting.
Stalkers - head. between the front legs
Guardians - head. it’s not on top of the body, but in the lower front.
RK-5 - Engines.
Power suits - open cockpit model: pilot. Best to shoot from above or from the right, around their shield. Closed ones: A tube on their back.
Rathyds - dunno, why bother. Shotgun them.
Bug.bats - Tiny eye in their front.
Bosses - refer to this Video guide. It’s still lacking the DLC bosses, but their crit spots are pretty obvious.

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sentinel 1 phase no crits ?

None. Only for Nisha with Tombstone.