Can we somehow get the Tango Tango / Gold Skin these days?

For all those who missed out on the short framed action?

It makes me sad he will probably be the only one without it, since some are without expiration and the ones that are released now I can get without trouble…

I Think Skins should never expire in at all. But thats just wishful thinking.

I think all of these skins, both gold and cyber, will probably be available at some point again in the future. I think eventually we’ll all have them at some point. It’s just going to be a matter of when you get them.

I hope your Right. Waiting is OK, This game is keeping me occupied pretty well, so if we get the Skins eventually I’m fine with that.

I’d like this as I had no Internet for about a month and missed out.

Maybe we get it if we’re all whining enough about it…

I’d even buy it for Platinum if it would be the only way.

Here is the code(you may have to enter it multiple times for it to work) HCK3J-9RRRR-C5WJH-RKR3J-T56HC :relaxed:

Is the sniper scope still bugged for the skin?