Can we stop increase the level cap?

so after dlc 3 dropped , most problem of the game is solved atleast in my opinion , now the reason keeping me from the game is another level cap .

gbx , u have to realize how unrewarding level cap is , i know borderlands is revolve around farming but this is going way too far , especially for console farmer . the more u play the more you lose , how is it even logical? especially in such short period of time you release a level cap.


I’m less concerned about the farming aspect and more concerned with the build balance. If they do another level increase without adding another skill tree or adding more skills into each existing skill tree…there will probably just be a single build for each VH which would be sort of lame.


Level cap 100, every skill has 0/10 you can spend in it.
For the ones that are 0/1 or 0/3, make them 0/10 and just add bonuses for each point attributed to it.
I’m sure that would bring some variety.


nah , you would just copy the exact same build but putting different amount of point

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how about no

I can see another 20 lvs/Skill Points assuming we get another skill tree. Otherwise it’d be hard to utilize a decent build w/ 4 trees and only 58ish points.

Ideally I’d like the addition of more Skill points with NO additional levels, I think that was done in Bl1 and I’m sure it can be done again. It will allow us to upgrade our builds without having to upgrade our weapons or mess up weapon/dmg/item balancing.


They can keep increasing it until there’s enough points for all the skills as far as I’m concerned.

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This. I loved getting extra skill points as rewards in BL1. Would have loved to see that return in 3.

There are advantages to more frequent but smaller cap raises (less of an XP grind to reach the new cap at each increment, old cap weapons still being at least serviceable) when the increment is only 3-4 levels, but it still pushes lots of players away from the game. Many hate even the thought of the farming grind because they believe they’ll just to have to re-start the process again before a full set of final gear can even be acquired.

The severe loot- and anointment-pool pollution problems, plus the lack of a modern crafting/upgrading/re-rolling system also contribute to this issue. This creates the feeling that the drop system is designed more to troll the player than anything else. Those who want to legitimately farm their gear often feel like the effort is pointless.

This problem can’t be disentangled from the level-cap raises because it is the combination of the two problems that turns players off.

The idea of more points as a reward for completing content also incentivizes actually doing something with TVHM if, say, the reward for completing DLC4 was 2-3 extra skill points per playthrough.


It’s unrewarding for YOU to have the level cap increased; most of us want higher levels and more skill points - it’s quite rewarding for US. We like leveling. We like farming for new gear because that gives us more reasons to play more Borderlands. :slight_smile:


My teenager is the same way as what you described but I just don’t get it. To me a new level cap is a new chance to test builds acquire New Gear maybe stuff that’s more optimal given the new skill points. Shields and weapons that if I just had a couple more points would have been exactly what I wanted. I guess if you look at it as the perspective of got to get that certain meta set again that you took forever to farm as a chore. I think it’s great the community is growing and more are interested in this game. But in the past it appealed to a certain player base. You can’t change Borderlands from what it is at its core which is a looter shooter which involves a grind and farming. If you start messing with that too much your original playerbase is at risk.

just because the majority want something, it doesn’t mean it is good, we can see this kind of situation every time in real life.

Most people don’t have the game longevity in vision and just want to feel more powerful, they just want GBX going: “here take this, you are a badass now” instead of achieving it by himself, I find it weird but it says a lot about the youngest.

lol variety with people with the same build with different amount of points invested in each skill…

I.E. Some people build for ele damage, some people for life steal, some for splash, some for gun, etc.

I’m thinking something akin to dark souls leveling system, where you make different builds based on where you allocate points. I don’t know that everyone would be the same.

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To be honest I gave up on this game, just waiting for the last dlc to play the story and that’s it.
GBX is listening more the younger and louder part of the community and less its own dev team.


That wouldn’t work at all the way the game is right now, life steal only ever needs one single point because of the scaling.
They don’t actually have a lot of options to focus, for example Zane can basically only increase normal damage or clone, not a lot of variety here.
And it would totally break even more the game, like everything should be balanced to take +300% damage or even higher,

Pure conjecture, not a legitimate thing to bring into the game. They would have to overhaul the whole leveling system for each VH and balance the xp throughout- yeah just conjecture lol

Not necessarily true… I would really enjoy a full party on M10 and having a xan cryofreeze build that actually works really well freezing the enemies and having an Amara command for the melee build and just Crush everything

But that’s not how the community plays, mostly play alone and so they ask for changes to make it easier for solo runs (and unfortunately GBX hear them), for example they nerfed M10 to the ground, they added an easier mode for takedown and so on.

You may like a build that you can only freeze (which was actually always possible) and do almost no damage, but the community would not, so almost no one would use this build (which is what is happening right now).

This is true… I always struggled with a cryo build zane myself… I really like options. More opportunities… another couple points could open up things. but I guess it’s more unexpected interactions which means more trouble for the devs

I basically am ready to stop playing until they finish these stupid level cap increases. It’s not like having 3 more skill points really changes the game, all it does is require us to refarm all the gear we already had and makes everything we had worthless. It’s not like there’s new weapons or game mechanics when they make these increases, it’s all the same but you have to spend 10’s or even 100’s of hours re-acquiring your gear. It makes any time spent feel wasted when u know you’ll have to do it all over again fairly soon just to keep from getting continually weaker. I could see it coming at the same time as a DLC, and have bigger jumps at a time (cough BL2 cough), then I wouldn’t feel so bad. GB does not seem to care much about player feedback, just look at the bullet sponges that are the enemies in the new takedown.