Can we stop talking about OP characters and instead talk about OP gear?

I just came across a pre made team and they all had Vigilance Link and Vyn’s Quiver. They all had just under 1000 extra health and each slowed every 10 seconds from their standard attacks…

I like legendaries but some combos are straight game breaking.

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I’m starting to lean toward the idea that all gold legendaries be locked from PvP and be PvE only.

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If they have 2 legendaries each just shard starve them, grab all the shards thats 3600 each to active, you can use cheap gear and turn that into 6 elite bots for each of them that have that load out.

except you dont know they have legendaries until they activate them. I almost never look at anyones gear until the end of the game, and even then it might be for 2 seconds.

Each character having an extra 1000hp is pretty broken. All they really need to do is make it so gear doesnt stack (only 1 legendary would give the buff, so only 200hp)

The biggest problem with something like this is their is no counter. Sure the other team could build 6 more elite bots, but not like you can build them all back to back or at once. 6 elite bots isnt going to remove 1000 hp. Same with turrets, all you have to do is take the turrets out, and again its not going to do 1000 damage.

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How are you supposed to know if someone is attempting to do this beforehand, since you won’t see the gear until it’s activated.

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Sure, but when they have a melka and caldi mining and they all have 0 cost shard builders that’s a little difficult. Cheap gear is only good for the first 5 minutes of the game.

Just came across a Thorn who spent the first 1/2 of the game farming shards, got 3 legendaries and then penta kill after penta kill. Didnt recognise her gear apart from Bolas Target Finder. She carried her team.

I think GBX needs to rethink the gear system; My Mellka has an extra 880 maximum health after Im fully geared, usually around 10 mins in if Im sharding hard enough (I play too much in the front to shard like a pro)

I go for:
+276 Maximum Health gear, +207 Maximum Health after 180 seconds
Attack Speed gear, adding 210 HP after 180 seconds
Attack Damage gear, adding 190 Max HP instantly

Thats a Mellka that has over 2100 HP within the first 10 minutes of a game, due to HP scaling; Im generally level around level 3 by then. The health gear is Rare, attack speed gear is Uncommon, and attack damage gear is Epic and nothing costs more than 1000, if memory serves. This gear set is fantastic on any hero, theres never a reason why nearly 900 HP being slapped on a hero is a bad idea. This is the current meta of gear loadouts, finding a way to stack on a single stat until its simply disgusting; Shields being the best stat, health second, damage third

I think this is more important, as chaning characters requires careful testing and analysis of ramifications, while changing gear is a comparatively easy thing.

Gear is one of the best aspects of the game. You grind in PVE so you can do well in PVP. If they made gear only usable in PVE then this game would suck. There would be less draw to grind the story missions (which I love doing for gear). It’s fun grinding for gear. I want better gear so I can be more of a challenge and face tougher players.

Legendary gear is not always an instant win. I’ve fought and taken out many players that used legendary gear while I only had a shard collector.

When I first heard that Battleborn would have a level up system plus a gear set, I was instantly hooked. I love RPG style games for the simple fact that i can get stronger and customize my strengths and weaknesses with equipment.

When you consider how much it costs to activate Legendaries, Epics and Commons are hands down the best gear you can get. A lot are better than Legendaries in my opinion. And they’re cheaper or cost 0 if you have a common with a negative effect (that wont hurt you too bad).

Its a risk taking a legendary because you won’t be able to build as many defenses for your team which can be crucial especially in the early stages of Meltdown.

I believe they need to adjust the uncommon and rare gear because they’re basically pointless and cost too much.

There are thousands of combinations of gear you can have and it’s fun being able to customize for each character and each situation (prior to getting in the game at least). When I see gear i like and research it I think “I want that” and I go grind story mode until i have it (which is what Gearbox wants you to do).

Legendary gear is supposed to be hard to get and it’s supposed to be extremely rewarding. They’ve already nerfed a few of the best Legendaries so they don’t need to do it again. This isn’t Overeatch or other games where you just pick up a character and go kill some people. The point is to build your gear set up, get good with characters, play as a team, fulfil the objective, etc. Gear is what makes it interesting! Im in the middle of farming Hylis right now.

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Ok, I now think Vilgences Links should not stack like they do. Just played vs a team used just 3 of them.
COMPLETE ■■■■■■■■.

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After finally looking at some of the legendaries, I agree that a few of them at least need to have alterations, or just be disabled for pvp. The big standouts are maximum hp for the entire team and slow effects on hit. I like the idea of the slow but when used properly you can win nearly any engagement as there is simply no counter to it. The battleborn that don’t have a slow effect are that way for a reason.

Again, I think ranked mode, when it drops, should lock all but a few approved pieces of gear out and PvP should lock legendary gear out entirely.

I think doing that will allow the team much more freedom in general for gear creation that caters to one or the other instead of having to serve two masters.

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I’d say that the issue is rather that it’s way too random to get legendaries. I mean, I’ve been ranking up quite the number of hours and number of missions, and have something like 4 legendaries out of pure drop, and none that I’d want to use. The 2 others I have ( making it 6 tots ) are character legendaries. The Ambra one that I feel is a must have for her, and the Phoebe one that I feel is a bit weak.

The issue, yes, is that some people have a lot of legendaries. I get the idea behind farming and getting stuff - after all I’m a avid aRPGs fan and loved the Borderlands games - but the drop rates seem very punishing. Or there should be more ways to get legendaries. This way, we could fight fire with fire - when everyone got a nice little collection of legendaries, they hardly are an “issue” anymore and become more of an additionnal layer of customisation and tactics.

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i want to comment on this in a way that talks about the game rather than other forum users. this is very difficult to do. i definitely will not talk about anyone personally, so please do not take my comments personally. with that being said, the people using legendary gear in pvp are just really casually playing the game. they probably dont have much experience playing pvp games competitively at a high level. so idea that, “it’s in the game, and i want to win so i will use the best composition/gear available” is not the mantra of a competitor. there is a difference between someone who wants to win very badly and a competitor. a true competitor thrives on true competition, not gaining advantage by having certain gear.

if the game ever truly becomes competitive the gear will be normalized and epic and below. period. i personally do not use legendary gear in pvp, nor does anyone i regularly play with. im not trying to tell anyone else how to play the game. people can do whatever they want with their 60 bucks. but that doesnt mean it is competitive.

1800 Shards is a good amount before you can activate a legendary. That honestly is what makes them balanced(For the most part)
1800 shards could get you a good amount of levels honestly. The legendarys I have, I only run them on certain chars, and some heros, none, and I will rarely run more then one legendary. Some legendarys are AMAZING on certain heros, but to me, epic/purple gear is sometimes better to run. Since I do a good amount of PvP, I am starting to use epic/purple gear that has “Stat” + “Health”

Now I do have to say, getting certain pieces of gear you want can be annoying. Farming Legendarys has been easier to get then the item I need. I need an “Attack Speed” + “Health” purple item for Alani or other heros. That kinda breaks competitive PvP to me is needing to farm for those perfect items, and not just perfect stat wise but just getting the right stats on the items.

Legendary items are supposed to be just that… Legendary rarity. I have like 4 not counting character Legendaries and only one is really good.

Some people get more lucky and probably have quite a few but if they make the drop rates any better then people will continue to complain that Legendaries are too common which already a complaint to some.

I feel like some people expect and want this game to be more similar to other Moba and FPS.

There are a lot of threads on these forums and elsewhere saying, nerf this person, take this out of PvP, change the base defenses, etc. Like people want to change all the hard work that Gearbox put in and turn over huge aspects of the game.

Balancing is needed here and there and some Legendaries seem weak compared to others and even some epics. That’s my opinion and what I would want changed.

I don’t think better gear makes or breaks a match. Yes I have lost to groups with many Legendaries (but I don’t blame their gear, I blame them being better players than my team) but they probably played many hours to get all of them which is what Gearbox wants. If you take out gear or limit gear in PvP like it’s a Magic or Yugioh tournament then you take a lot of fun out it and Gearbox is gonna lose those players that farm bosses (just like in Borderlands) for better gear. If you take out the good Legendaries then less people will farm PVE.

Certain Legendaries and gear are only good in PvP.

Battleborn isn’t a pick up and play kind of game. You’re meant to farm levels to get better with characters and find better gear to help you against your PvP foes.

PvP is already competitive and it’s not meant to be easy to take people out and win the objective. You’re supposed to struggle- as a team, work as a team, and bring your knowledge, skills, and best gear to the table :slight_smile:

"find better gear to help you against your PvP foes.

PvP is already competitive"

Yes, however there are certain combos that essentially become the main focus, instead of just help. Thus removing the competition, as competition implies roughly equal standing. That’s not possible if you have objectively better stats several SD away from the norm (ie over doubling any stat or adding CC effects that that character wasnt designed to have, see gal pre nerf for too many CCs).
Yes, we all have access, but its not garenteed access. Nothing wrong with that if all the legendaries are equivocal, but they are not.

Im kinda getting the feeling that Gearbox didn’t model the characters and gear properly with maths, just guestimating their way though design and play testing.

I like the gear as is. When ranked comes out the people with super gear will probably eventually get matched with other people that have just super gear.

Yeah, another issue with legendaries is that they aren’t equal. I mean some are pretty lame, some are decent, but a few are allmighty. And that’s without considering which legendary benefit which character better : some of those items you wouldn’t ever get for anyone because they are just weak.

This means that people that were lucky enough to get one of those awesome legendaries will have a better time dominating their foes. RNG factors way too much in farming legendaries, and it’s quite more painful than it was in Borderlands since you can’t rush a mission the same way you’d rush a map to get to the dropper. And RNG doesn’t care about how much time you put into farming, even if time can improve the odds.

I really think getting legendaries should be more balanced. Or at least the chances to get one more fair for everyone. Maybe they could add at some point a mode where a legendary is a guaranteed reward, like the Horde mode that people are requesting. You manage to reach the end of the mode, you are rewarded with a legendary.
Or some kind of stacking hidden boost to chance of getting a legendary in PvE, which resets when you get one. This way, you’re sure you WILL get one at some point, instead of doing The Renegade 40+ and never getting any.

I respectfully disagree, but it’s only semantics : a competitor will do whatever it takes to win because they are actually here for the wins. After all competition is all about measuring yourself to the others and proving you are the best, hence winning. Pro-soccer teams are investing millions to get a reknown player with exceptionnal results to play in their team and keep him as long as possible. Pro-racers will try to get the lighter vehicle with the best aerodynamics and response times, etc.
Casuals on the other hand won’t care about winning, they just care about playing and having a good time.
The category of people that are looking for a challenge and are willing to let go of any advantages they could have are achievers, completionists. Guys like Shinobier ( on youtube ) whose thing is to finish games like God of War, Castlevania, etc in max difficulty, no damage, no upgrades :wink:

Yeah that’s kinda like that : competitors are like speedrunners running the game in easy, not afraid to take a few hits when it actually helps, grab a few upgrades to kill boss X faster, etc. Achievers are like Shinobier, strictly adhering to a code with specific rules.

Sorry for the long out of topic :wink:

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