Can we talk about Killavolt?

So this guy… let me say i really enjoyed all the bosses in this game so far (almost level 30) except this one and ill try to point out what the problem is. (Normal difficulty)

It is ONLY his whole room aoe attack that takes you from full health/shields to half health. Everything else can be (mostly) avoided with good play.
The other issue is obviously that this guy is MUCH harder in solo play due to his single target nature and his shield. At the end of the day, this is much less of an issue though compared to his unavoidable attack.

Ive seen people say that there are plates that come back up to normal earlier - that is somewhat not correct. In my version of the game - and im really not sure if its just bugged - for a large amount of time the >entire< room is under electricity and i am going to take the aforementioned large amount of damage until those “early” plates recover. Nothing i can do about it. Even tried standing on the ammo crates, even with constant jumping.

Ive seen people say you can “save adds” for this attack. I have tried this and everytime the whole room goes electric the adds died without me attacking them. Im not entirely sure if this particular attack actually damages adds / they despawn or if i just got insanely unlucky for some other reason but thats where we are.

Add spawns in general are way too RNG. So is attack selection.
In the 1 video i watched where the guy soloed Killavolt, he had a lot more adds spawn than i did. E.g. he had adds spawn right as the fight started which for me they never did. In fact for most of the fight in my game he very rarely spawns adds. On my last attempt i got a total of 4 ads (2 spawns) during the entire time until half of his red health was off.

I also noticed that in the 1 successfull solo ive seen Killavolt just decided to only use his floor electric once and no more while for me he uses it all the time. Usually twice for half his red health, ive seen 3 times as well.

Based on the other bosses ive seen in this game i cant help but feel that this guy has to be bugged in some way. I.e. his entire floor electric isnt supposed to be active for as long as it is/ the early plates are supposed to recover from being electrified way earlier.
As he is right now i dont see myself every trying to solo this guy again.

He was quite a rough fight. Ended up cheesing him with my Mech.

That said - The Rampager was way, way harder.

Please stay on topic. Negating it with a character specific ability isnt helpful. (Nevermind the fact that KV removes Zanes barrier from the game for some reason unless you throw it at a wall - which is pretty dumb but doesnt help with the floor aoe anyway)
And no - all the other bosses are entirely avoidable. If you dont suck you can take no damage on everything they do.

Only KV is like this.

I may change my opinion when I get to him on another hero, but …just didn’t have too much trouble with him.

I’m not sure what you want me to say.

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Nothing if you have nothing useful to say.

Something useful would be:
“In my game the plates come up immediately and i am not forced to take damage seems bugged”
“You can jump off Killavolts shield to make yourself invincible for 8 seconds”

Ah. You just want people to agree with you.

I see.

Well, best of luck, chap.


Youre still responding even though you have nothing to say^
Please stop

This is being discussed a little bit more politely here:

You might want to check out the forum rules, too.

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