Can we talk about the ending for a moment? (Spoilers, Obvs.)

Namely, what the ■■■■ happened to Solus? I get we opened a Varelsi portal on Rendain (instead of killing him, so we’ll probably have to do it again in the DLC.) but… The ■■■■ happened to Solus? It’s gone, it’s back, power of friendship, hooray. Why did it go out? Why did it come back? Did somebody trip over the cord?


I was pretty confused as well. I hope we get an answer in the DLC because if they publish a comic so we can know what happened in the game I’m content making up my own story.

Ghalt and Kleese adopt a box of kittens and the kittens have super powers which saved Solus from getting sucked into the void or whatever. These kittens would go on to help Shayne and Aurox with their teen detective agency and bake cookies for their book club with Montana and Thorn.


I think it was just so close, it looked like it was going out, but they clutched it in the nick of time, so it didn’t go out completely, and the lights came back. I didn’t think it was too unclear, but I agree, the execution of it could’ve been much better.

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I believe the stars aren’t actually put out (That would create Supernovas and black holes or something, right? I’m not an astronomer, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:) but are instead teleported to… the void probably? The Varelsi aren’t putting them out out of some odd spite, they seem to have a need for the them…

This was mentioned somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me remember where and exactly what was mentioned. It did have something to do with the Varelsi Portals and The Void.

ISIC mentioned that the Varelsi might be taking stars for themselves out of fear of some other (even worse) foe to Ghalt in The Algorithm. Stars going out… depends on the size really. Could become a black hole (if it’s at least 5x the size of our sun) or could just go through other life cycles depending on a bunch of factors, but Battleborn has dialogue stating the laws of physics are constantly being broke, so I wouldn’t take too much stock in it.


The Varelsi seem to fully defy the laws of physics (they appear to have only the slightest regard towards gravity), so what they end up doing to stars is up for debate. However, I feel that what happened was that Solus was nearly consumed, perhaps to the point of appearing to vanish for a few days. However, it eventually returned, and all was well and good except for the fact that Varelsi will never, ever stop coming.

On a side note, does anyone think that a Varelsi Battleborn would be cool?


All that happened there was a cheap “Did we lose or did we win?” cliché to create an artificial moment of tension. I’m not even bothering pretending it has an actual explanation in the lore.

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Y’know, I thought they might be being covered up or something, because boy for a universe with only one star, there sure are a lot of stars during those mission briefings, isn’t there?

Then I remembered the distance between stars is unfathomable to the average mind, and even something as fast as light cannot travel it instantly. Hell, our own Sun could go out, and it would take use five minutes to notice. Those stars could have gone out decades, even centuries ago.

Then I thought wouldn’t that be horrible? Floating on a space ship and look out at the countless stars and knowing that they’re all gone, and watching them fade away one by one, all over again. Then I thought, holy ■■■■ that could actually be happening right now and we’d never know. The Varelsi could actually be taking our stars right now, and we’d be friggin’ clueless.

Christ on a bycicle, Gearbox! I just wanted to play a space dwarf, I wasn’t prepared to deal with this ■■■■!


Screwed up, innit? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also, wouldn’t it take like 8 minutes for us to notice our star went out?

Go read one of the Attikus lore, there is a text with the story of the Jenerit Imperium with dates (and the end of the game, there is a little explain)

Personally my favorite part is how the ending didn’t explain SH*T about all the complex lore they set up… =.=

*Entire story

Yes… “Lore” kinda included the story I thought lol.

It’s very disappointing - I actually was genuinely interested in hearing more about the universe they took all that time to set up… :L

Well basically, Orendi saved Solus.


Honestly I may be a bit salty that Battleborn, which has a story campaign, has less story than Overwatch, a PvP only game. I mean even the motion comic episodes had no connection to each other. Just snippets.
And most of it is locked behind challenges. Many of them tedious as hell. Yay.

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Montana would be in a book club with Oscar mike before thorn!

Hell yes it would be awesome. A verelsi reaper and it could be our first class with minions!

But he is. There is literally dialogue in Void’s Edge about it. It’s great.

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I think its implied in multiple locations that he and Thorn are a couple or something.

OM is just his bromance.

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Montana would crush her when they got down! I’m going to have to play through with Montana and thorn on a team to try and get their banter now